Jun 珏 Double Date (Big Calendar) Gold Watch

Gold watch below 50,000 yuan——DOUBLE DATE: Gold watch strap: 33,000 yuan
    The case diameter is 42 mm, the small three-hand dial, the willow-leaf hands, and the small second hand embellished with the Tudor rose logo of the 1930s and 1940s. Equipped with self-winding movement, polished and frosted strap, water-resistant to 100 meters
    According to the quality of the Tudor watch, it should have a seat in a good watch under 50,000 yuan, not to mention the manufacturer who dare to be a gold model, definitely has great confidence in the product. This DOUBLE DATE (big calendar) watch, regardless of appearance, workmanship, price, is the best choice. The double bezel composed of 18ct yellow gold and polished stainless steel adds a touch of flashing markings to the cold metal texture, making the fine gold watch exquisite and unobtrusive. The old Tudor watch gave the impression that it seemed to focus on work and neglect life.
    In recent years, the brand has continued to inject new design elements into its products. The combination of a large 12 o’clock calendar display and a small 6 o’clock second dial gives people a refreshing feeling, and it seems to not only make money but also take care of artistic accomplishment. The manufacturer offers black, white, silver and dark gray dials. There are also black lizard leather straps or calfskin straps with crocodile skin pattern for selection. Leather straps sell for 28360 yuan, and gold straps 33,000 yuan. It is not cost-effective, readers can compare by themselves.