Kunlun Watchmaking Workshop Is Open To The Public Every Tuesday

Kunlun Watchmaking Workshop is open every Tuesday morning and provides guided tour service to the public. This project was developed by Kunlun Watch in cooperation with La Chaux-de-Fonds, Le Locle and the Neuchatel tourist cities, and provides the public with a unique opportunity to visit the watch factory, explore the superb skills and heritage heritage.

   Kunlun Watch is the first brand to open its watchmaking workshop to the public on a weekly basis. Every Tuesday morning, tourists, fine watch enthusiasts, customers and students can come here to explore the Kunlun watchmaking world. In order to ensure the quality of the tour, each group of visitors is limited to 8 people. The Neuchatel Tour Guide is responsible for narration and audio guide service for non-French visitors.
   The whole process is divided into three stages: first, going back to the famous icons in the history of Kunlun watches, then coming to the workshop to observe the superb watchmaking skills, and finally to appreciate the brand’s latest series creation.