Longines Concas 24-hour Watch

Concas series is the most representative series of Longines sports watches. Concas watches symbolize an immortal spirit of ‘conquest’. Vision and the spirit and character of being a pioneer, this is exactly the spirit that Longines designs Concas watches. The design of each watch combines the perfect combination of performance and elegance, and contains top technology features. The new 24-hour watch from the Comcast series adds dual time zone functionality, a must-have for pilots when crossing different time zones. Because the sun as a time reference is not always visible, pilots need tools that can display the exact time in real time. An aviation watch with a 24-hour dial fully meets this need. The new Comcast 24-hour watch exudes an eye-catching elegance that attracts adventurous brave men to explore. The water resistance of this model reaches 300 meters. Whether in the air or in the water, the Comcast 24-hour watch is the most trusted partner.