Montblanc At The 2014 ‘watches And Miracles’ Hong Kong Watch Fair

From September 30th to October 2nd, 2014, Montblanc will make a new appearance at the 2014 ‘Watches and Miracles’ Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair. In this feast of professional watchmaking that unanimously presents Swiss fine watchmaking skills and heritage, Montblanc interprets the watchmaking philosophy and professional skills of the brand watchmaking workshop for the professional watch media and enthusiasts in Asia with a brand new pavilion.

Share passion for fine watchmaking-a fantasy journey that showcases the essence of Montblanc watchmaking

   ‘Independent watchmaker’ refers specifically to brands and manufacturers with a long tradition of watchmaking and innovative capabilities, as well as independent manufacture of parts and movements of watches and clocks. In the Montblanc brand pavilion, the brand will show each visitor the professional skills of Montblanc as an independent watch manufacturer, as well as the innovative ability rooted in tradition.

   In the design of Montblanc’s brand pavilion, the designer focused on showing the core values ​​of Montblanc Villeret Watchmaking Workshop in detail. Montblanc Villeret Watchmaking Workshop is located in the heart of Swiss watchmaking. It has more than 156 years of professional watchmaking history, and is especially known for its precision chronograph movements and clocks. The large screw balance, as one of the core components of a watch movement, has always been completely independently manufactured by Montblanc Villeret Watchmaking Workshop-at present, there are only a handful of watch manufacturers capable of making balance parts independently. In addition, Montblanc Viller’s watchmaking workshops have always insisted on assembling the core components such as the movement balance and hairspring by hand.

   Visitors to the Montblanc Pavilion will experience the unique charm of the Montblanc brand home. The large reception area and exhibition area, the quiet VIP exclusive area, and the sales area will provide visitors with independent space for different needs, and Montblanc brand representatives will provide you with appreciation and explanation services for the brand’s latest products.

   In order to give visitors the best experience and feeling, Montblanc watchmakers from Switzerland will demonstrate core watchmaking skills such as assembly of the movement balance. In addition, Montblanc watchmakers will conduct close communication and exchanges with visitors, aiming to give visitors a deeper sense of Montblanc’s dedication and enthusiasm in the field of fine watchmaking.

   In the Montblanc showroom, the brand used several large high-resolution photos to show the fine details that are hard to see with the naked eye in the handmade movement. In addition, visitors can learn the shape and details of a watch in different manufacturing stages through high-resolution photos, making visitors feel like they are in a Montblanc watchmaking workshop.

   In the Montblanc showroom, the large LCD screen presents the tradition and value of traditional Swiss watchmaking to visitors: as the birthplace and heart of Swiss watchmaking, the panoramic views of the Jura Mountains and Villers are breathtaking. Montblanc watchmakers reflect the core values ​​of Swiss watchmaking that have been passed down through the generations.

   The overall design of the Montblanc showroom is based on the Villeret watchmaking workshop, which uses natural materials and soft light. A special book and literature display area allows visitors to find reference information on historical antique timepieces made by the brand. The rich and detailed design of the Montblanc showroom shows the brand’s persistence and dedication to Swiss fine watchmaking-this is exactly the purpose of the brand concept of ‘sharing passion for fine watchmaking’.