Musical Notes Of Time 10 Vocal Watch Masterpieces

The sound of the watch, whether it is a bell or two questions, or three questions, is a test of the watch’s craftsmanship. The extensive use of modern technology has also made many good watches. [Van Cleef & Arpels Poetic Wish Two Minutes Minutes Watch] Their movements indicate minutes and hours in the form of ‘poetic romantic animation’, and use the ‘five minutes and two questions’ mechanism, that is, the time is reported first, and then The score is reported in 5 minute units. The reed bar behind the crystal cover hits the clear and pleasant sound with a hammer, showing the design ingenuity. These two poetic romantic watches use metal engraving, micro-painted enamel, mother-of-pearl engraving and diamond setting technology to create beautiful dials. After turning the crown at 2 o’clock to wind the two-question function, the girl under the tower in the Arpels Poetic Wish watch will slowly approach the center of the dial, and the mother-of-pearl clouds will gradually approach her. When the two meet, the watch will report a small clock sound, and then the paper kite above Notre Dame will slowly fly, echoing the five-minute time signal sound. Similarly, in Midnight Poetic Wish, a young male on the left side of the watch dial stands on a balcony in the Bastion of Notre Dame Cathedral slowly moving towards the center of the watch, indicating the precise hours, and the mother-of-pearl cloud opposite him Will move towards him with the level. When the two met, the bell of the church called the bell, and a diamond shooting star on the dial appeared behind the clouds and flew to the sky to indicate the minutes with the bell’s music rhythm. [Tudor Heritage Advisor Watch] As a modern interpretation of the classic noisy watch in 1957, the Heritage Advisor in 2011 combines unique style and excellent technology, and at the same time perfectly reflects the spirit of Tudor classic heritage. Its movement is especially equipped with a mechanical alarm function developed exclusively by Tudor, which can make a crisp sound. Although the new Heritage Advisor watch is full of fashion, it still inherits many features of the original watch, including the shape and proportion of the case, lugs and bezel, hands, beveled hour markers, and a special red ring Alarm function pointer. To further cater to the fashionable design, the diameter of the case has been enlarged from 34 mm to 42 mm. Among them, the alarm function button is set at 8 o’clock; the on / off display is set at 9 o’clock; the power reserve display dial is set at 3 o’clock; and the calendar is set at 6 o’clock. [Zenith Pilot Doublematic Pilot Watch] The watch has two barrels, which are used for timing and alarm. The button and crown of the case at 8 o’clock respectively operate the start and setting of the alarm. The red tipped hollow hands indicate the alarm time. The switch display is located at 8:30 on the dial and the power reserve of the alarm at 7 o’clock. The 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock has a large calendar display above the dial, and the center is equipped with a chronograph second hand and hour and minute hands. The watch is equipped with an El Primero 4046 self-winding movement with a frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour. The case is made of stainless steel or rose gold and is polished to a diameter of 45 mm. [Breguet LE RVEIL MUSICAL Music Watch] Le Réveil Musical is based on Breguet’s new self-winding movement, and a subtle patented mechanical mechanism that takes several months to complete the assembly. Just press the button at 10 o’clock, or when the preset alarm time comes, the watch will make a crisp ringtone. The disc with pins replaces the traditional music box cylinder and alternately contacts the 15 metal gear teeth on the grid. The sculpted metal glass film not only completes the unique and outstanding mechanical structure, and enhances the frequency required for pronunciation. It can also ensure the waterproof and corrosion resistance of the device.积 [Jacques Reverso Répétition Minutes à Rideau Minute Repeater] Répétition Minute à Rideau Minute Repeater is also a well-organized and well-made musical timepiece. However, because the Reverso series has a rectangular case, the watchmaker must design a new functional layout for the minute repeater. The first Reverso Minute Repeater watch, introduced in 1994, used a rectangular movement for the first time, and watchmakers soon realized that they could learn from the rectangular movement and use sliding parts. With the manufacturing experience of more than a thousand movements since the establishment of the Jaeger-LeCoultre factory, as well as a variety of inventions over the past 15 years, the master watchmakers of Jaeger-LeCoultre are fully capable of meeting this challenge and successfully developed a slim (three questions) The thickness of the device is only 1.85 mm), but the multifunctional manual-winding movement has a frequency of up to 21,600 vibrations per hour, and the barrel can provide a power reserve of 35 hours. [Rotonde de Cartier Floating Tourbillon Minute Repeater] is determined to create a minute repeater watch for classic watch enthusiasts who not only has a classic design, but also has deep acoustic research results. Cartier’s movement research and development team redefines the basic scientific basis for the acoustic evaluation of the minute repeater watch. First, the concept of sound itself must be redefined, that is, sound waves trigger hearing. We can compare the sound wave to a circular wave that is excited when a pebble falls into the water. The sound wave displaces particles in the propagation medium, which generates gas vibrations. The middle ear converts them into vibrations that the inner ear can analyze. [Bulgari Daniel Roth series Zhongle Minute Repeater Tourbillon Watch] its unique essence originates from a three-hammer minute repeater. This timekeeping device is the most unique and eye-catching part of this design. In general, most of the questionnaires are two hammers and three questions, and rare rare grandson watches are composed of four-tone hammers. The DR3300 hand-wound movement is crafted by hand, with an exquisite proportion (34.60 mm x 31.60 mm). This watch contains a total of 327 parts, and in the huge metal frame, rely on the tourbillon speed control device to play a pleasant melody. [Jacques de Roux Minute Repeater] The protagonist of the ‘Minute Repeater’ is a pair of tits from the Jura region. It stands on the nest of the bird, and the nest is a nestling. The tit is a symbol of the birthplace of Pierre Jacques Dro. And Du He Waterfall, another hometown logo, also appears on the dial of this new masterpiece. Through unparalleled complexity, every part of this three-dimensional scroll can be brought to life. One tit lowered its head to feed the fledglings, and the other spread its wings to reveal its delicate feathers. In the center of the nest, a nestling emerges from the shell, while the waterfall on the side keeps flowing. This ‘timekeeping bird minute repeater’ is a true automatic doll with a cam system that directly adopts technology from the Enlightenment era and uses all decorative techniques. Jacques de Roth’s engraver and painter worked hand-in-hand to make yellow, blue, white, and dark black feathers, with perfect shape and color, and the fine branches and tender grass in the bird’s nest were also delicate and beautiful. In addition, eight well-designed installations for different scenes: birds shaking their heads and spreading their wings, chicks waiting to be fed, chicks breaking through their shells, flowing water … [Louis Vuitton Tambour Series Minute Repeater Minute Repeater Watch] The entire watch The dial of the traveler shows the time of the second time zone of the traveler. The ‘HOMETIME’ dial set in the center of the dial can also display the traveler’s home time. The 6 o’clock position is an eccentric second dial, and between 1 and 2 o’clock is a 100-hour power reserve display. The three-question function allows you to ‘listen’ to the time in your hometown by tapping on the reed when you are away. [Hubble Cathedral Minute Repeater Watch] From the design perspective, the minute repeater device is subtly integrated into the middle of the King’s Supreme case. Similarly, the control buttons of the timing device are also subtly integrated into the crown. The minute repeater is controlled by a lever device located between 8 o’clock and 10 o’clock, and the hour, minute, and minute are reported by sound. Two of the ‘cathedral’ gongs, one for the time and the other for the minutes, are twice as long as a normal gong. The entire design goal is to create a simple and simple overall effect for such a watch.