Omega And Nasa Astronaut Terry Futz Pay Tribute To Omega’s Space Legend

June 1, 2018, Beijing-As important equipment for astronauts to explore space, the space legendary journey of Omega and NASA has always been talked about by people. At the ‘Special Exhibition of Planet Wonderland’ universe with the theme of the NASA Solar System Exploration Program, Omega specially invited NASA retired astronaut Terry Virts to attend the exhibition to share his space exploration experience with the guests present, Tell the story of Omega’s space legend.

Omega and NASA astronaut Terry Virts at the “ Star Wonderland ” universe special exhibition

  Terry Futz, 51, a former US Air Force colonel, was selected as a NASA astronaut in 2000 and has participated in space missions between 2010 and 2015. So far, only four astronauts in the world have completed the four tasks of exploring a spacecraft, exploring the space with the Russian Soyuz spacecraft, completing a spacewalk mission, and serving as the commander of the International Space Station. One. As a photography enthusiast, he has produced many works in space and published a collection of photos to share his space experience with people.

Terry Futz shares Omega space legend with guests at exhibition

  At the exhibition site, Terry shared his personal experience in space exploration for many years, and recounted the Omega Speedmaster as a reliable partner for astronauts to explore space, and accompanied them on unforgettable memories of space missions. Terry said: ‘The harsh environment of space makes NASA particularly rigorous in choosing watch equipment. The Speedmaster watch has become the designated watch for NASA’s manned missions due to its stable and reliable performance. The Speedmaster’s moon landing story is so fascinating that it has become an important companion and emotional trust in my life and work. ‘

Terry Futz shares Omega space legend with guests at exhibition

  Terry shared with guests the first Omega Speedmaster watch he had on a space mission-the Omega Speedmaster ‘Skywalker’ X-33. The watch’s precise travel time, as well as the alarm and countdown functions, make it easy for astronauts to read the values. This watch also records mission time and phase time, making it easier for astronauts to perform tasks on the space station. Terry also said that during the second space mission, he wore a Speedmaster professional moon watch.

Omega Appears in ‘Wonderland’ Universe Special Exhibition

  After retirement, the black version of the Omega Speedmaster ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ watch has become Terry’s choice in daily life. This watch is made of a complete black zirconia ceramic and is equipped with an accurate and reliable Omega 9300 coaxial movement. It pays tribute to Omega’s space legend with innovative materials and breakthrough watchmaking technology.

Omega exhibits the second-generation Omega Speedmaster CK2998 and the fourth-generation Omega Speedmaster professional watches / the first ‘Moon watch’ at the ‘Wonderland’ universe special exhibition

  In this ‘Star Wonderland’ universe special exhibition, Omega exhibited several precious watches and historical materials, including the first Omega space watch, the first moon watch and NASA’s ‘Snoopy Award’ (Silver Snoopy Award), etc., to lead everyone to review the glorious legendary history of the Omega Speedmaster. In 1969, the Omega Speedmaster was worn on the wrist of Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin for the first time on the moon, becoming the first watch to land on the moon, and won the ‘Moon Table ‘reputation.

Omega exhibits the Supermaster series of professional ‘lunar watches’ at the ‘Special Exhibition of the Planet’

  The space legend of the Omega Speedmaster
  Born in 1957, the Omega Speedmaster was originally born for motorsports. With its solid structure, accurate timekeeping and easy-to-read speed measurement function, it has caused a sensation in professional racers once it came out. Omega Speedmaster’s outstanding performance in terms of design, durability and watch functions has laid a solid foundation for its subsequent space exploration journey.

In 1962, American astronaut Walter ‘Wally’ Schirra entered the space while wearing the Omega CK 2998 Speedmaster while performing the Mercury Project

  In 1962, American astronaut Walter ‘Wally’ Schirra wore a privately purchased CK2998 Speedmaster into space, making it the first Omega watch to enter space. At that time, he wore the CK2998 Speedmaster watch and performed the ‘Sigma 7’ mission of the Mercury program, and the space journey of the Omega Speedmaster watch was opened.

July 21, 1969, legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin walks on the moon wearing an Omega Speedmaster

  In 1964, NASA began searching for watches for manned space programs. They selected several timepieces from different brands and performed the tests that all hardware entering the space environment needs to undergo. Only the Omega Speedmaster has successfully passed a series of rigorous tests in a vacuum environment including extreme temperature, vibration, and strong impact. On March 1, 1965, NASA announced that the Omega Speedmaster was the ‘only watch approved to participate in all manned space flight missions’ and became a loyal partner to accompany astronauts into space.
  On July 21, 1969, when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped on the surface of the moon, the Omega 4th Speedmaster watch became Omega’s first ‘Moonwatch’ and the Speedmaster wrist. The watch also left an indelible footprint in history. The courage to explore the unknown courage, inexhaustible innovative technology and excellent professional technology make mankind successfully land on the moon, and the superb watch on the astronaut’s wrist is the testimony and interpretation of this pioneering spirit.
  During the journey of Omega’s astronauts to explore space, the Apollo 13 mission was undoubtedly a thrilling experience. In April 1970, Apollo 13, which was on a space mission, was paralyzed by an accidental explosion in the cabin. At the critical moment, astronauts accurately calculated the ignition time of the engine with the Omega Speedmaster, and finally returned to Earth safely. . In recognition of Omega’s contribution to the entire Apollo program, NASA presented the ‘Snoopy Award’ to Omega.

NASA presents Omega the highest honor ‘Snoop Snoopy Award’

  The Omega Speedmaster has accompanied astronauts in all six human moon landing feats. Today, the Omega Speedmaster is still used in all manned space programs and has become one of the permanent equipment of the International Space Station.
  As one of the important space equipments, Omega exhibited several precious watches at this ‘Special Exhibition of Planet Wonder’ universe, showing visitors the pioneering spirit of the brand’s continuous exploration.
  Second generation Omega Speedmaster CK2998

  In 1959, Omega launched an improved Speedmaster series watch-CK2998. It retains the symmetrical case and movement 321, but replaces the hands used in the previous work with new ‘beveled’ hands. In addition, the black aluminum speedometer bezel used by CK2998 has also become the standard design of Speedmaster watches, and is still used today. In 1962, Mercury astronaut Walter Schiera purchased the CK2998 watch personally. Later, he wore this Speedmaster watch on the Sigma 7 to perform the Mercury mission, making CK2998 the first model. Omega Speedmaster into space.
  4th Generation Omega Speedmaster Professional Watch / First ‘Moon Watch’

  In 1969, Apollo 11 successfully landed on the moon. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin wore a fourth-generation Omega Speedmaster professional watch to the moon. Since then, this watch has become the first on the moon. The Omega watch worn has won the reputation of ‘Moon watch’. By design, this watch is the first Omega Speedmaster with an asymmetric case to provide extra protection for the crown and buttons. The dial is also engraved with ‘Professional’.
  Omega Speedmaster Series Professional ‘Moon Watch’

  Omega Speedmaster professional chronographs have a unique position in the history of space exploration. From the ‘Gemini’ program to today’s International Space Station program, the Speedmaster Professional Chronograph is always the only NASA-certified equipment that can participate in all manned space flight missions. The Omega Speedmaster professional ‘Moon Watch’ exhibited in this exhibition is equipped with the same 1861 movement that had run on the first moon watch, in tribute to Omega’s extraordinary moon landing legend.
  Omega Speedmaster ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Watch Black

  Today, the Omega Speedmaster is still used in all manned space programs and has become one of the permanent equipment of the International Space Station. Since 1848, Omega has been the pioneer of technological development in watchmaking, and space exploration has always been a brilliant chapter in the brand’s extraordinary legendary journey. While reviewing history, Omega will continue to explore in the spirit of pioneering and create more legends!