Oris Flight Series Three Bc3 Watches Introduction

The BC3 series watch launched ten years ago is a very popular product in the AVIATION category of ORIS. Today, this legendary series has added three new watches, namely Advanced, Sportsman and Limited edition of Air Racing.

BC3 Sportsman watch
The design of the BC3 Sportsman watch is based on the valuable opinions of Oris’s partner, aerobatic pilot Don Vito Wypr & autig Sportsman represents the first level of aerobatic pilots, as well as the courage of the newborn calves to fear the tiger. Don Vito, the test pilot of World Championship Hannes Arch, is a rising star who is passionate about aerobatics. The design of BC3 Sportsman presents practical, reliable and calm and restrained qualities. Screw-down crown, waterproof function 10 times the atmospheric pressure (100 meters), and you can choose elegant straps, tempered stainless steel straps, or dynamic rubber straps.

BC3 Advanced Watch
The BC3 Advanced watch is also inspired by the ideas of Oris flight partner Don Vito Wypr & auml; chtiger. And Advanced represents the advanced level in the super pilot. At the same time, this watch will perform a variety of amazing shows together with Vito. The case of the watch is plated with black DLC, with a dial made of black luminous material, and supplemented by a black rubber strap, conveying a visual impact of ALL BLACK. Of course, the watch can also choose a fine leather strap. In addition, the watch uses a special screw-fastened crown coupled with a shock-proof device to prevent the crown from being accidentally turned.

BC3 Air Racing watch
The design of Oris BC3 Air Racing is inspired by the Scarlet Screamer aircraft of its flight team. The case is made of titanium and weighs only 60% of steel. The second time zone is displayed with a 24-hour pointer function, which is practical and practical for the pilot. The red body pointer in the second time zone, combining the color and design of the Scarlet Screamer aircraft, has become the eye-catching focus of the watch. The watch has a screw-in crown and is water-resistant to 10 times the atmospheric pressure. The watch set is packaged in a special BC3 Air Racing watch box, which includes a replaceable rubber strap, a strap replacement tool, and a certificate of limited edition.

Stunt pilot Don Vito Wypr & auml; chtiger with his plane