Automatic City Watch With Tag Heuer Link

Business people who frequently travel to and from the world and travellers who like to travel everywhere are bothered by the constant adjustment of the time of their watches. TAG Heuer specially launched the Calibre 7 Advanced GMT Magnetic Bezel two in 2010 this year. Local time and city display automatic watch, unlike ordinary two-time time watch, TAG Heuer’s patented rotating case outer ring can instantly and completely display the second time zone of 24 cities, making the change time very Easy to operate and fast and precise.

    TAG Heuer’s LINK series is a symbol of fashion dynamics and outstanding achievements. It is not only the favorite chronograph watch of the generation of legendary car Ayrton Senna, but also certified by the ghost & lt; The & gt; in the Hollywood red star Matt A watch designated by Matt Damon. Sports watches are also respected by many sports stars. This is because the LINK series has both leisure sports and noble features. The unique appearance and precise performance of the LINK series have become the standard of luxury sports watches. The chain consisting of the registered trademark S-shaped chain links is extremely flexible and comfortable to wear under ergonomic conditions. It has also become a TAG Heuer technology patent.
    The latest model of the LINK series in 2010, the two-time city display automatic watch, combines the classics of the LINK series over the years with the excellence of modern technology, providing the efficiency and precision that business people seek. The Calibre 7 Advanced GMT Magnetic Bezel dual time city display automatic timepiece can display the time in 24 countries around the world. Just turn the case outer ring to know the local time immediately. In addition, the 24-hour time zone display allows you to easily distinguish the day or night of the second place. This convenient and fast design is the exclusive patent that TAG Heuer takes pride in, especially now that the proportion of going abroad for work or vacation is increasing Rise, in addition to overcoming jet lag, knowing the local time accurately can help you be more efficient in your travel arrangements. Having a watch that can quickly and surely change the time between the two places is perfect.
    This model has a date display at the three o’clock position on the surface; a hidden button to reset the world time at ten o’clock; 200 meters waterproof; a steel folding clasp with double-sided sapphire crystal glass. This is the first time two-city time display automatic watch launched by the LINK series. It can have both an attractive appearance and exciting practical functions. I believe it must be the first choice for business people and tourists who value the concept of time. MSRP: NT92,000.

Kunlun Watch’s New Macau Arc De Triomphe Store Debuts

Swiss luxury independent watch brand CORUM Kunlun watch held an opening ceremony on Friday (November 15, 2013) for the brand’s new exclusive store at the Arc de Triomphe Hotel in Macau.

 Officiating guests hold ribbon cutting ceremony

 The distinguished guests who attended the opening ceremony included Mr. Bertrand Savary, Managing Director of Kunlun Watch Asia and India, Mr. Chen Ronglian, Chief Executive Officer of Dejin Group, and Directors of Dejin Group, including Mr. Li Zhihuai, Mr. Liang Yuanbiao and Mr. Deng Weiying, and Chairman of Swiss Prestige Ltd Mr. Klingelfuss and Chief Executive Officer, Miss Wu Yan. The brand also invited the famous artists Cen Lixiang and Gao Haining to attend the opening ceremony, and the artist Song Xinian was the emcee of the opening ceremony. Ms. Liang Anqi, Chairman of the Arc de Triomphe, and Mr. Xiang Huaqiang and his wife also attended the celebration.

 The distinguished guests toasted with the guests at the opening ceremony and wished Kunlun Watch Macau’s Arc de Triomphe store a thriving business and flourishing business, and then hosted a simple and grand ribbon-cutting ceremony. At a time when the atmosphere was high, the energetic Awakening Lions team performed traditional Chinese Awakening Lions performance, implying that the specialty store business was booming and the grand exhibition was held, bringing the joyful atmosphere of the new store celebration to the zenith.
Kunlun’s new Macau Arc de Triomphe store debuts

 Cen Lixiang, Gao Haining and Song Xinian

 Famous artist Cen Lixiang wore Kunlun Watch’s Jinqiao Women’s Watch at the opening ceremony, which is one of Kunlun Watch’s masterpieces. The watch is equipped with the brand’s unique linear movement, decorated with vertical hand-engraved patterns, unique ingenuity. The in-line movement is set in a diamond-set outer ring and in a red gold case, with a red gold strap. The sapphire crystal glass with anti-glare treatment on all sides of the case is like a transparent display case displaying precious exhibits, so that the movement of the linear movement is fully revealed; and Gao Haining wears the newly launched Admiral Cup Mileage 38 Moon phase watch. The outer ring of the watch is set with sparkling diamonds and the surface is made of mother-of-pearl, and each watch is unique. The surface beautifully shows the dance dance of the sun and the moon, with an elegant white satin strap, which sparkles charmingly; while Song Xinian wears a golden bridge watch, the linear movement is set in the platinum case, with the diamond-set outer ring and The black alligator leather strap and the Jinqiao women’s watch worn by Cen Lixiang complement each other. Gao Haining and Cen Lixiang also shared the latest situation with the guests and their love of Swiss high-end watches and appreciation of superb watchmaking technology.

 Kunlun Macau’s Arc de Triomphe store is located in the Arc de Triomphe Hotel in Macau, with its elegant elegance and modern design. It is one of the most popular entertainment destinations in Macau. The 700-square-foot boutique has a stylish and elegant design, creating a friendly and comfortable atmosphere of nobility and privacy, allowing customers to carefully appreciate the various superb watches and high-end jewellery watches in the store, including the world’s first equipped with an automatic uniaxial winding movement. Golden Bridge automatic watch, Admiral Cup Warrior 47 tourbillon GMT diamond watch, and Heritage series Romvlvs Billionaire tourbillon diamond watch.

 Mr. Bertrand Savary, Managing Director of Kunlun Watch Asia and India, said, ‘Kunlun Watch’s ability to become a successful independent Swiss watch brand depends on the brand’s forward-looking, persistence and heritage of professional watchmaking skills, and talent. Over the years, Kunlun Watch has been committed to becoming a watchmaker in the watchmaking industry, and has continuously launched a number of extraordinary watchmaking. With extraordinary creativity and superb watchmaking skills, the brand has been promoted in the field of fine watchmaking. We Kunlun Watches I am honored to cooperate with the Dejin Group and are convinced that Kunlun Watches Macau’s Arc de Triomphe store will achieve very good results. ‘

 Mr. Chen Ronglian, Chief Executive Officer of Dejin Group, said, ‘I am very pleased to cooperate with Kunlun Watch to open a boutique in the Arc de Triomphe Hotel in Macau. Kunlun Watch is a very unique Swiss high-end independent watchmaking brand. Its watch creation collection is unique in design and exquisite tradition. The watchmaking craftsmanship is one of elegance and beauty. Its high-end jewelry series watches are exquisitely set, which has won a lot of love and favor from our VIPs. We are convinced that the specialty stores will attract more guests who pursue unique design and high quality. The sales of the store will also be Will rise up. ‘
Kunlun Macau Arc de Triomphe store
Address: G / F, Arc de Triomphe Hotel, No. 300, Ri Da Ma Road, Dynasty City, Macau, New Port
Phone: (853) 2822 8121

Limited Build Mission Is Extraordinary Breitling Super Avengers 01 Chronograph Watch Limited Edition

The perfect partner to accompany you to face any challenge. Breitling Super Avenger 01 is the first special watch equipped with Breitling’s homemade 01 movement, limited to 100 pieces. Available exclusively at 60 Breitling stores worldwide.

   In addition to the high-performance ‘engine’ certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC), this outstanding wrist instrument also has a striking and handsome appearance: a black dial with the same color accumulation timer, and the red ‘Edition limitée’ (Limited Edition) Inscription, enhanced with large luminous hour markers and hands.

   The stainless steel case incorporates an extraordinary 48 mm diameter, highlighting strength and the ultimate professional aesthetic. Thanks to its sturdy watch construction, screw-down safety chronograph push-buttons with protection and a solid screw-down non-slip crown, this watch is water-resistant to 300 meters (1,000 feet) and fearlessly performs the most extreme tasks .

   The bottom of the watch is engraved with the classic vintage Breitling pin-up girl pattern and the words ‘Special delivery’ (Special Delivery), which is even more precious.

Bmc Racing Team Leader Van Albert Wins His First ‘five Classics’ Championship In Paris-roubaix

At the ‘Paris-Roubaix’ Classic Tournament held in France, Greg Van Avermeat sprinted to win the championship and won the first ‘Five Classics’ championship in his career.

Dusty turn

   After winning the gold medal at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, BMC Racing team leader Van Albert continued to challenge his opponents and defend his kingship.

Van Albertt holding the championship trophy
   Peter Sagan is his first rival. He led the UCI World Points Ranking for 54 consecutive weeks. Now in the Paris-Roubaix, Van Albert has won the championship trophy with his outstanding performance.

Belgian star stage exciting exciting sprint

   Sprint drivers pay attention to strategy and strength. During the race, the driver must seize every opportunity and go all out to surpass the opponent. Therefore, the pressure that players face during the final sprint can be imagined.

Van Albert stands on the podium

   For the upcoming Tour de Italy (just before this summer’s Tour de France), this victory is undoubtedly a good start.

The Swatch Group Ltd. Signs Exclusive License Agreement With Liquidmetal Technologies

Liquidmetal® Technologies Inc and The Swatch Group Ltd. today announced that they have signed a dedicated licensing agreement that allows the Swiss manufacturer to operate globally Amorphous alloy technology using Liquidmetal.
At the Swatch Group, Liquidmetal technology was first used in 2009 at Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean, and later in 2010 at Breguet ‘Reveil Musical’. The agreement will allow the Swatch Group to use the technology across its entire watch product line.
This alloy is an amorphous metal, which is a disorderly metal material with an amorphous atomic structure (compared with crystalline structure), which is especially suitable for use in the watch industry because they are like the processing of plastics. Will lose the characteristics of metal but have unique characteristics. liquidmetal Technologies Inc. holds the technology for the development of amorphous alloys, and this agreement will open a new horizon for both parties.
Original source: Swa tchGroup

The ‘big Guy’ On The Movement Tastes The Charm Of The Pendulum

The movement is as important to the watch as the heart is to the human body. The heart sends blood to the whole body by beating continuously to maintain the daily functions of the human body. The movement of the automatic watch is mechanically converted and stored by the potential energy of the oscillating weight, providing a continuous power for the automatic watch. Compared with manual winding timepieces, a major feature of automatic winding watches is that there are different types of rotors on the movement. Their presence makes it easier and more convenient for the watch to obtain power, eliminating the need to take it off. Trouble winding the watch. As long as it is worn between the wrists, energy can be obtained by a slight swing of the arm, which is very convenient. It can be seen that the importance of the oscillating weight for automatic movements and even watches is extraordinary. Over the years, major brands have also racked their brains to work on the oscillating weight, constantly expanding the charm of the oscillating weight on watches, attracting watch lovers. Can’t help but love the ‘big guy’ on this movement.

From ‘chicken ribs’ to the indispensable ‘lazy design’
   Back in the days when pocket watches became popular, the oscillating weight had been used on clocks. In the 18th century, the first chronograph device with a oscillating weight was successfully designed by Swiss talented watchmaker Abraham-Louis Perrelet. As long as the watch maintains physical movement, the similar in this device The design of the pendulum will power the mainspring. This device has also become a milestone in the history of watches and clocks, and it is the world’s first self-winding structure.

Breguet No 1882 self-winding pocket watch

   But in the era of pocket watches, this design was unpopular, because pocket watches were mostly kept in pockets, and clocks were pulled out of them only when needed to check the time. Such short movements are obviously not enough to allow the pendulum to be used for timepieces. The energy required to travel, so this watch creation was put on hold by the times. Fortunately, in the early twentieth century when the watchmaking era changed, the watch replaced the pocket watch as an emerging category, and this invention was rediscovered. In 1923, a British watchmaker named John Harwood developed an automatic watch, which placed a heavy weight on the axis of the movement, and obtained potential energy with the movement of the wrist. Swipe brings new impetus to the mainspring.

HARWOOD self-winding antique watch

   Since then, the development of the pendulum has been valued by more and more watchmakers. With its lightweight and convenient characteristics, it has become an indispensable design on watches. Nowadays, automatic mechanical watches are common. When you inadvertently stretch or run, the oscillating weight quietly moves with the rhythm and contains the energy of the watch.
Five Oscillators

Conventional traditional semicircular rotor

Glashütte Original Caliber 36 Automatic
   Nowadays, the more common traditional oscillating weight is usually a semi-circular design, and some brands have also beautified it through hollowing out, polishing, and chamfering to make it highly ornamental. Generally, the oscillating weight will ‘occupy’ half of the movement’s field of vision, so some brands will place its LOGO, movement data and exquisite decoration in it, on the basis of enhancing the added value, it will show the movement’s inherent strength and charm . Such as the anchor design of the Athenian brand, Glashütte’s original homemade movement.

Classic hits that have appeared before

   The striker inspired by the seesaw is based on iron feet at both ends, which generates a limited circular movement with gravity to promote its charging of the watch. Today’s famous watch brands Omega and Audemars Piguet have used it (you can see it on some antique watches). Through the enhanced version of the striker (adding spring), the strength of the pendulum against the splint can be cushioned and increased The service life. However, due to poor winding efficiency and other reasons, it died in development. Active in the middle of the 20th century, it could not keep up with the times, so he can hardly be seen on today’s watches. However, as an integral part of the history of watches and clocks, its appearance has also promoted the development of automatic watches, and it is also one of the more interesting structures on mechanical timepieces.

Beautiful and delicate pearl

   With the progress of the times, people’s demand for slim timepieces is increasing (because of the ability to load complex functions), so the ‘weight loss project’ of the movement is urgent. At this time, the wise watch designers once again set their sights on the ‘big’ pendulum on this movement, narrowed it down into the splint, and formed a delicate and beautiful mini-rotor. Born in the 1940s and 1950s, it not only has a simple and elegant appearance, but also contributed to the slim timepiece movement, so this outstanding feature can still be seen in most slim timepieces. the design of. Compared with the traditional Tuo, this ‘little guy’ is only in a corner, integrated with the other parts of the movement, complement each other, and highlights the beauty of the whole movement.


   I once wrote the relevant information about a mobile watch of the Bucherer Maliron series. Like the table friends who first contacted this brand movement, I felt that there was no trace of the oscillating weight on the surface of the movement. Mystery. It turned out that the patented design of this outstanding brand reduced the huge oscillating weight to a black curved ‘curve’ again, sliding along the edge of the movement with gravity to power the watch. It does not cover the appearance of the movement at all, it shows the brand’s unique wisdom and extraordinary skills.

Kunlun Golden Bridge Series Vertical Rotor

   The vertical automatic tourbillon belongs to the unique design of the famous Swiss brand Kunlun watch Golden Bridge series. It was first introduced in 1980. With its unique impact and freshness, it has become a unique timepiece in the hearts of many watch friends. A new chapter. Launched in 2011, this timepiece is the first wristwatch with linear windings to provide energy for the timepiece’s movement by generating power as the wrist moves up and down. This design is also one of the more novel among the many pendulums, presenting the essence of timepieces in a completely different way. Because the trend and design determine the dense characteristics of the air section on both sides of the watch, which is also a major design of the brand.

Another Kunlun watch with a vertical rotor

Summary: Through the transparent back cover of sapphire glass, the appearance of the movement will appear in front of you, and the most conspicuous design is the rotor, which not only provides dynamic support for the clock, but also adds charm to the charm of the back cover. Designing different oscillating weights will have a completely different watch-watching experience, making people fall in love with the beauty of this micro-machine on the wrist.

Nothing Can Stop The Charm Of Fashion

Everyone wants to make themselves fashionable, but often they do n’t know where to start. It may be a piece of clothing, a pair of pants, a necklace, a ring, or a headdress. It may be all. Although there is no established standard for fashion, it has an aesthetic level. In the tightly wrapped winter, fashion can still be unafraid. Watches, we think it is the representative of the traditional, but now watches have long been planning to leave the fashion, about 30,000 yuan, which stylish watches, make your wrist low-key and eye-catching?

Tiffany East West

Product model: 37×22 mm stainless steel watch
Domestic public price: ¥ 28600
Watch diameter: 37×22 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: West, inspired by a Tiffany handbag watch in the 1940s, reminiscent of the glorious design of that era. Rotating the dial of a traditional square watch 90 ° clockwise is what this watch looks like. It subverts the conventional layout of the watch face, and the time has changed. Tiffany has a long history with watchmaking, but you should know that it has a close relationship with Patek Philippe. Therefore, this watch’s outstanding design, wearing feeling, and how many women yearn for the Tiffany brand have made it very popular. Since its launch, many supermodels, stars, and ladies have worn the East West watch. Fashion, so fun.
Chanel BOY · FRIEND Series H5317

Model: H5317
Domestic public price: ¥ 33300
Watch diameter: 21.5 x 27.9 mm
Case thickness: 6.2 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Stainless steel case
Water resistance: 30 meters
Details of the watch: The Friend series watch gives women an emotional liberation. The case is derived from the bird’s-eye view of Paris’s Place Vendôme and is the shape of Chanel’s classic perfume bottle cap. Small shell, simple appearance, and Chanel’s classic black dial and strap liberation.
Cartier tank series WSTA0016

Product model: WSTA0016
Domestic public price: ¥ 29900
Watch diameter: 34.80 x 19.00 mm
Case thickness: 7.10 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: cartier / 58395 /
Watch comments: In the fashion kingdoms, Cartier is an extremely noble one. It served the royal family and was given the meaning of intelligence, sexiness and power because of the mysterious cheetah. Cartier Tank series watch is a square watch designed by the brand at the beginning of the last century. To date, the Tank series ladies watch has a slender outline, track minutes and Roman hour markers, which reflects Cartier’s ancient charm.
Summary: Fashion can be very light, very indifferent, or luxurious, very strong, and classic fashion is the eternity worth following. These three watches, or three series of watches, have historical shadows, modern aesthetic elements, and three world-renowned brands. If you are already preparing the fashion shopping list at the end of the year, they are worthy of You pay more attention.

Jun 珏 Double Date (Big Calendar) Gold Watch

Gold watch below 50,000 yuan——DOUBLE DATE: Gold watch strap: 33,000 yuan
    The case diameter is 42 mm, the small three-hand dial, the willow-leaf hands, and the small second hand embellished with the Tudor rose logo of the 1930s and 1940s. Equipped with self-winding movement, polished and frosted strap, water-resistant to 100 meters
    According to the quality of the Tudor watch, it should have a seat in a good watch under 50,000 yuan, not to mention the manufacturer who dare to be a gold model, definitely has great confidence in the product. This DOUBLE DATE (big calendar) watch, regardless of appearance, workmanship, price, is the best choice. The double bezel composed of 18ct yellow gold and polished stainless steel adds a touch of flashing markings to the cold metal texture, making the fine gold watch exquisite and unobtrusive. The old Tudor watch gave the impression that it seemed to focus on work and neglect life.
    In recent years, the brand has continued to inject new design elements into its products. The combination of a large 12 o’clock calendar display and a small 6 o’clock second dial gives people a refreshing feeling, and it seems to not only make money but also take care of artistic accomplishment. The manufacturer offers black, white, silver and dark gray dials. There are also black lizard leather straps or calfskin straps with crocodile skin pattern for selection. Leather straps sell for 28360 yuan, and gold straps 33,000 yuan. It is not cost-effective, readers can compare by themselves.

Parsing Poison

In the 1930s, Louis Cottier invented the world time display mechanism, which was patented by Patek Philippe. Later in 1999, the World Time watch was further optimized. When adjusting the time zone, the user can change all displays with a single touch without affecting the accuracy of the movement. World Time watches are loved by travellers and collectors alike, and men’s models with filigree enamel patterns in the center of the dial are famous. Today, in order to continue this classic legend, PATEK PHILIPPE launched a new World Time watch this year, creating a legend with superb craftsmanship and high-performance. Let’s enjoy this World Time watch together. (Watch model: Ref.5231J-001)

The world is in control

  Patek Philippe’s world time display brings together 24 representative cities in the time zone. This watch combines the world time mechanism and the silk enamel process to perfectly demonstrate the profound watchmaking skills of top brands.

  The new world timepiece is made of gold material. The whole is polished and polished, exquisite and gorgeous, bringing noble visual charm. The diameter is 38.5 mm, the thickness is 10.23 mm, and the size is moderate. The slightly curved wing-shaped lugs are close to the arc between the wrists, improving the wearing comfort.

  On the side of the watch, a square button made of gold is used to adjust the location to the 12 o’clock position or the arrow position corresponding to local time. Each time the button is pressed, the hour hand showing the local time will move forward clockwise. One hour, while the 24-hour dial and the city name dial are moved counterclockwise by an interval, which is equivalent to changing one time zone.

  On the other side is a crown made of gold, with a non-slip texture design around the body, ensuring that the wearer can accurately time it.

  The Calatrava-style case is paired with a hand-engraved dial, and the filigree enamel pattern on the maps of Europe, Africa, and the Americas is completely handmade. The design, color and depth are impressive. Four gold sequins (bright foils) are fixed on the central filigree enamel dial at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock, respectively. The center hand 啧 design is a ring-shaped hour hand classic design of Patek Philippe World Time Watch, indicating Local time in the time zone calibrated at 12 o’clock. Local time in the other 23 time zones is displayed on a 24-hour secondary dial with day / night display.

Sapphire glass case back

Caliber 240 HU automatic movement

  The bottom of the case is designed with a transparent back, which can clearly observe the movement of the movement. The Caliber 240 HU automatic movement is equipped on the wrist. The movement is assembled from 239 parts and equipped with 22K gold pearl tourbillon. At least 48 hours power reserve.

  Summary: This new World Time watch is created with professional technology combined with rare craftsmanship, showing Patek Philippe’s skilled craftsmen and their superb skills, as well as the Stern family’s unique commitment to rare craftsmanship. Interested friends may wish to pay more attention to the watch reference price: RMB 53,9500

Inspired Muse, Fashion Icon Daphne Guinness Becomes Swiss Watch Brand Roger Dubuis, Roger Dubuis

She has the most mysterious temptation. The nobleman of England and Ireland is considered one of the most elegant women in the world, and a friend and inspirational muse for the greatest photographers and art directors. Daphne Guinness and Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis can be described as a sympathy, the charming lines and bold style unique to this Geneva-based Swiss watch brand women’s watch series coincide with her.

Daphne Ginis wears Roger Dubuis Velvet Diamonds Pink Gold diamond watch – by Nick Knight

   Her temperament is indispensable in fashion and design. As a veritable fashion celebrity, Daphne Guinness became the muse of inspiration for the most prestigious art directors. Not only that, she also influenced countless artists-like an unrestrained and charming heroine, her life is exclusively on the art stage. She has a strong interest in the mysterious watchmaking process. After visiting Roger Dubuis, she said, ‘I am eager and honored to explore the charm behind Roger Dubuis, where imagination and precision are perfectly combined , The birth of an incredible masterpiece of design style. The experience of visiting and sharing the watch factory has brought me a lot of inspiration and enriched my creative world! ‘
The celebrity who has the opportunity to collaborate with the world’s greatest artist became Roger Dubuis’ partner. To celebrate this collaboration, world-renowned photographer Nick Knight will wear Daphne Guinness Velvet watches. The moment was recorded forever. This outstanding photographic creation gave birth to a series of distinctive works. The Velvet collection shines charmingly on Daphne Guinness’s wrist. For this shoot, she also wears her specially selected vintage fashion collection.
   British photographer Nick Knight is a master figure in fashion photography. In his career, he defeated the forcible restraint of the media and society on aesthetics and became a maverick art master. His unique use of light, set scenery and extremely unique aesthetics are unforgettable. Among all his partners, many stars have entrusted him to shoot covers for his albums, such as Lady Gaga, Björk, Boy George, David Bowie, Kylie Minogue ( Kylie Minogue), Gwen Stefani, Seal and Massive Attack, etc … ‘Daphne is a woman with a mysterious charm, people cannot see the secrets in her heart, it is a great subject for photography! I like Working with her, she brings us unparalleled creativity. ‘Nick Knight said after taking the picture.

Velvet Jewellery Pink Gold jewelry watch, RD822 self-winding movement, 172 parts.

   The celebrity who has the opportunity to collaborate with the world’s greatest artist became Roger Dubuis’ partner. To celebrate this collaboration, world-renowned photographer Nick Knight will wear Daphne Guinness Velvet watches. The moment was recorded forever. This outstanding photographic creation gave birth to a series of distinctive works. The Velvet collection shines charmingly on Daphne Guinness’s wrist. For this shoot, she also wears her specially selected vintage fashion collection.
   British photographer Nick Knight is a master figure in fashion photography. In his career, he defeated the forcible restraint of the media and society on aesthetics and became a maverick art master. His unique use of light, set scenery and extremely unique aesthetics are unforgettable. Among all his partners, many stars have entrusted him to shoot covers for his albums, such as Lady Gaga, Björk, Boy George, David Bowie, Kylie Minogue ( Kylie Minogue), Gwen Stefani, Seal and Massive Attack, etc … ‘Daphne is a woman with a mysterious charm, people cannot see the secrets in her heart, it is a great subject for photography! I like Working with her, she brings us unparalleled creativity. ‘Nick Knight said after taking the picture.

Daphne Guinness visits Roger Dubuis
   Unconventional, requires ingenuity and does not follow the old-fashioned courage, Roger Dubuis and Daphne Guinness are working together in this atmosphere, integrating high-end watches and high fashion. In France, the brand that can be titled ‘high fashion’ is rare. In Switzerland, only a few watchmakers are eligible for the title of ‘high-end watchmaker’. The workers in these two fields, in pursuit of perfection and excellence, have made the same efforts and absorbed the best of each other. Like the high-end watchmaking industry, the high-end fashion industry has a dual mission: to inherit tradition and stay avant-garde. In these two ‘land of dreams’, the spirit of innovation, infinite creativity and extraordinary details processing, ancestral craftsmanship complement each other.

Velvet High Jewellery White Gold
   In Daphne Guinness, Roger Dubuy found a stylish and unique idol temperament. And this temperament fully reflects two different ideas expressed by the Velvet series watches: exquisite and mysterious. Every watch in the Velvet collection seems to have been tailor-made for her: Velvet Saphirs et Spinelles inlaid with amethyst and spinel highlight her mysterious qualities; they are crafted in white or rose gold and come with A Velvet Diamants diamond-set watch with a satin strap highlights her star-studded style; a Velvet Joaillerie jewellery model made of white or rose gold with 262 diamonds will make her shine in the daytime; white gold or rose Gold Velvet Haute Joaillerie jewelry set with 1,300 diamonds will make her shine at night. Roger Dubuis Jean-Marc Pontroué, CEO of Roger Dubuis, said: ‘We are very happy to work with Daphne Guinness, as she imagines, is the best endorsement of fashion superstars. We could not find a better candidate than Daphne, The mysterious and elegant dual temperament can fully reflect the characteristics of Roger Dubuis and the women’s watch series such as Excalibur 36 and Velvet. ‘
   About Roger dubuis Since 1995, Roger Dubuis has been in the field of modern fine watchmaking. The brand upholds the spirit of being creative, and the works incorporate bold and eye-catching design, showing the brand’s superb craftsmanship and authority in the field of fine watchmaking machinery, playing a pivotal role in the 21st century. Bold innovation and gorgeous elegance are the unique characteristics of the brand, and firm determination is the driving force for the brand to move forward. The brand draws inspiration from four different worlds of players, warriors, adventurers and peerless celebrities to create masterpieces full of creative concepts and mechanical details. The brand has global boutiques and exclusive sales networks, and you can find La Monégasque, Excalibur, Pulsion, and Velvet collections made by Roger Dubuis around the world. This Swiss watchmaker in Geneva adheres to the spirit of perfection, and tirelessly develops the most perfect watchmaking technology and unique technology.