Zun Huang Classic Hollow Watch

Classic Hollow Watch (97SK.6.194.21 / 97SK.6.394.21)
    The 41mm diameter Hollow classic hollow watch has a 36mm diameter movement space, which can fully present the complex operation of the hands in the watch. The vibration frequency is 18,000 swings per hour, which guarantees the accuracy of the watch and has a power reserve of 46 hours. This watch is available in 18K gold and rose gold 18K gold. The sapphire mirror surface not only presents the motion most clearly, but also is shockproof and wear-resistant. The pointer shape and sound of movement emulate an early emperor’s pocket watch at the Emperor’s Museum. This pocket watch of the 1920s, as a representative of a few minimalist hollow-out watches at that time, showed its unique imperial power.

Girard-perregaux Becomes Member Of The Jury Of The Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards

The annual ‘Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards’ (GPHG for short) is known as the ‘Oscar’ of the fine watchmaking industry, and can be called the highest honor creator in the industry. The 14th Geneva Watch Awards will be held on October 31, 2014 at the Grand Theatre in Geneva.

   This year’s GPHG has more than 300 brands and watchmakers competing to compete for the 12 most prestigious, authoritative and influential awards in the global fine watch industry. With the promotion and development of the fine watchmaking industry, GPHG’s requirements for the review team have become more stringent. This year’s 24 members of the jury are composed of collectors, retailers, experts and professional media from various fields in the world. Among them, with its supreme status and superb craftsmanship in the Swiss watchmaking industry, Swiss watchmakers GP Girard Perregaux was also turned into an expert judge by the biggest winner of the 2013 – Golden Pointer Award, providing a wider range of expertise and independent thinking for the GPHG awards selection process.

GP Girard Perregaux Fine Watchmaking Constant Power Escapement Won 2013 GPHG Gold Hand Awards

   Looking back at the ‘Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards’ in 2013, GP Girard-Perregaux won the Aiguille d’ Or award for its watchmaking industry’s highest constant gold escapement. The Constant Escapement watch is hailed as ‘the greatest invention after the tourbillon’ and represents the highest achievement in watch accuracy to date. It surpasses the tourbillon, homogenizes multiple oscillators with a differential, surpasses two resonance effect oscillators, surpasses an oscillator installed in a vacuum environment, and may also surpass a high-vibration movement. GP Girard Perregaux’s constant-power escapement is the first watch that truly achieves direct control over the quality of the heart beat.

   All escapements revolve around a core ultimate goal, which is precision. For a movement, there are too many interlocking factors that affect the performance of precision. It simply transmits power from the barrel to the pendulum. In terms of wheel stability, the constant power device has been an important key used to assist in adjusting the escapement transmission power since ancient times. The mainspring is the power source of a movement. The torque when the mainspring is fully tightened is different from that when it is half-tight or nearly loose. Therefore, the power performance of the entire movement is transmitted to the escapement according to the drive train Dynamic conditions have changed drastically, and this dynamic instability has been one of the difficulties in watchmaking for the past five hundred years.

   The so-called constant power escapement is mainly used to solve the problem of uneven energy output. When the watch is fully chained, the power output performs better, but when the power is gradually weakened, its torque to the wheel train will be Decrease, so that all the connected gear trains from the barrel to the next will become weaker in operating performance, which will also cause the balance amplitude to decrease. No matter how the escapement structure has changed in the past, the body has not deviated from tradition. Only Girard-Perregaux’s constant dynamic escapement has broken the established model and concept, which is definitely a big step in the watch industry.

Girard Perregaux esmirada three golden bridge tourbillon pocket watch celebrates 125th anniversary of Paris World Expo

   History is strikingly similar. 125 years ago, on September 29, 1889, Girard-Perregaux was also awarded the supreme honor of the time-the World Expo Gold Medal for its remarkable achievements in the tourbillon escapement. The reason why the three-gold bridge tourbillon pocket watch named ‘Esmirada’ was not only the breakthrough three-gold bridge structure gave the tourbillon artistic beauty, but also the three-gold bridge tourbillon No one can match the accuracy of a pocket watch, and even for a long time no record can be broken.

   Time has passed quietly for 125 years, history goes up and down, and tide turns. GP Girard Perregaux’s innovation has never stopped.

Oris Launched Divers Sixty-five Chronograph Bulgari Blue Special Edition

Baugar is the largest jeweller in Europe and exclusively sells special models produced by more than 30 brands. The unified feature of these watches is that the case, dial and strap are decorated with blue.

   This year, Oris added a new timepiece, the DiversSixty-Five chronograph, to the special edition of Bulgari Blue. The new watch features a 43 mm diameter stainless steel case with a dark blue aluminum bezel, a convex anti-glare sapphire crystal and a sealed case back (with engraving), which is water-resistant to 100 meters.

   The blue dial is specially made for Bulgari. It is decorated with ‘LightOldRadium’ SuperLumimova fluorescent hands and time markers. It is equipped with a Swiss-made Sellita SW510 self-winding movement, which contains 27 gems, a frequency of 28,800 vibrations / hour (4 Hz), and provides a 48-hour power reserve. This watch has a retro-style brown leather strap with blue stitching and a stainless steel buckle. It is reported that the watch is priced at 3,950 Swiss francs, equivalent to about 26,500 yuan.

   Blue has become Oris’s favorite blue, in part because the brand’s expertise in diving watch manufacturing and the brand’s deep roots in a variety of marine life and marine conservation causes.

   Oris co-CEO RolfStuder said: ‘We are excited about the elegance and versatility of blue, which adds a very stylish feel to the brand’s signature diving watch.’

   Patrick Graf, Bucherer’s Chief Commercial Officer, added: “Boucherer worked closely with Oris to create a sporty chronograph. Craftsmanship and more than 50 years of diving watch manufacturing experience are perfectly integrated. ‘(Photo / Wen Watch House Xu Chaoyang)

Lange Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar White 18k Gold

The perpetual calendar display of Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar is neatly arranged near the time display, and all the information is clear at a glance. This masterpiece is now available in its latest model with a plain white 18K gold case and grey dial.

   Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar is paired with two classic and complex installations, combined with the unique design of Lange’s famous series. The perpetual calendar device consists of a large Lange calendar, retrograde week and leap year displays, and an external month ring. The time and date are clearly displayed and all information can be easily read at a glance. All perpetual calendar displays can be advanced instantly. The perpetual calendar device did not need to be adjusted for one day until 2100. The moon phase display set in the small seconds dial only needs to be corrected by one day after 122.6 years.

   The lettering below the 12 o’clock position implicitly signals the presence of the tourbillon. The sophisticated technology of the tourbillon can be seen through the sapphire crystal caseback. The movement is equipped with Lange’s patented stop-second device. After the crown is pulled up, the balance wheel in the tourbillon frame stops immediately, which is safe and reliable, and ensures that the watch setting is accurate to the second. The top of the tourbillon frame is polished in black, which is the most complicated and time-consuming of many manual surface treatments. The tourbillon frame’s bearings feature a diamond end stone to pay tribute to the long-established Lange 1A pocket watch.

   The central part is made of 21K gold with a solid center automatic dial and a platinum 950 centrifugal wheel on the periphery, which effectively tightens the spring of the L082.1 automatic winding movement, which increases the watch’s power reserve in a short time To 50 hours. Other classic Lange quality marks include a carefully decorated movement, hand-engraved tourbillon and intermediate wheel splints, and six screw-fixed gold sleeves.
Movement Lange-made L082.1 movement; self-winding, carefully modified and assembled by hand; five-way precision adjustment; splints and bridges made of untreated German silver; single-winding automatic turntable center Made of 21K gold with platinum 950 centrifugal wheel; hand-engraved middle wheel and tourbillon splint
Movement parts 624
Gem bearing 76, including 1 diamond end stone
Screwed gold sleeve 6, including 1 diamond end stone
Escapement system lever escapement system
Oscillation system Anti-vibration balance with eccentric weight, self-made balance spring, vibration frequency up to 21,600 times per hour
Power reserve: 50 hours after fully winding
Functions Hours, minutes and small seconds; tourbillon with patented stop-second device; perpetual calendar with large calendar, day of the week, month and leap year display; day / night display; moon phase display
Operating element Crown for winding and setting time; hidden buttons can advance all calendar displays at the same time or independently correct month, week and moon phase displays
Case dimensions Diameter: 41.9 mm; thickness: 12.2 mm
Movement size diameter: 34.1 mm; thickness: 7.8 mm
Crystal and case back Sapphire crystal (Mohs hardness 9)
Case White 18K Gold
Dial Solid silver, grey
18K yellow gold rhodium-plated hands
Strap Hand-stitched alligator strap, black
Clasp Lange white 18K gold folding clasp

Hollow Watch A Window To Observe The Subtle Beauty

Hollow watch symbolizes the watchmaker’s self-confidence in the aesthetics of the movement. The structure of the mechanical watch is completely exposed to the viewer, combining the tough style of mechanical metal and the refined romantic feelings. , As if entering a wonderful micro-world. Hollow watches require watchmakers to carefully polish every detail of the movement. The energy expended is by no means comparable to ordinary watches. Collecting hollow watches requires more than just money, it is a long wait. Next, I will introduce several hollow watches for everyone.
Patek Philippe Complication Chronograph 5180 / 1G-001 White Gold Men’s Watch

 This watch uses an ultra-thin self-winding hollow-out mechanical movement with a thickness of 2.53 millimeters. A 22K gold mini-rotor is mounted on the movement substrate. The complex and beautiful carved patterns show the extraordinary production process of Patek Philippe. The see-through hole uses the brand logo Calatrava cross star pattern to express the brand culture in the details.
Vacheron Constantin Malte 30067 / 000R-8954 skeleton tourbillon watch

 The barrel-shaped case of the Maltese series can be described as the classic image of the brand, and the configuration of the hollow and tourbillon makes this watch a more classic level. The skeletal movement has a moving beauty every second. The Maltese cross of the tourbillon tells you clearly its name-VACHERON CONSTANTIN.
Blancpain Villeret 6633-1500-55B manual winding skeleton watch

 This is one of the most beautiful watches in the eyes of Xiaobian, and it seems to have been on the cover of many watch magazines. Does this represent everyone’s affirmation of this watch? The movement is equipped with a titanium balance wheel, a winding spring and three barrels connected in series, ensuring a power reserve of up to eight days. The 38 mm diameter case is made of white gold with a built-in hollow movement, exquisite decoration and exquisite carving. It is clearly visible through the sapphire crystal mirror and the case back, as if dancing in the air.
Audemars Piguet Millenary Millennium 26354OR.ZZ.D088CR.01 Chalcedony Chalcedony Tourbillon Watch

 The skeletonized movement is matched with a chalcedony motherboard with a diamond-set rose gold outer ring, which is slim and gorgeous. After chamfering, bright surface polishing, straight-line polishing, and matte polishing, it has a soft finish.
Piaget Altiplano G0A37132 skeleton ultra-thin watch

 This watch uses the world’s thinnest mechanical movement, only 2.40 mm thick, and various details are used in the decoration: the main splint is decorated with frosted sun radiation pattern, the gear set is decorated with frosted ring decoration and solar radiation , Engraved with the Earl’s family crest, matte brushed sun radiation decorative decorative bridge and so on. In terms of visual effects, this watch does not seem as gorgeous as the previous ones, but its thin selling point also makes it one of the skeleton watches worthy of remembering by the editors.
 Since the hollowing out and carving processes are all done by hand, there will be slight differences between each watch, which makes each watch unique in the world. Would you like to pay for this unique one?

Movado Red Series Pushes The New World Time Watch

According to the watch house, Movado, a mid-end watch brand from Switzerland, has recently launched the new Red World Time Watch. It is still selected polished stainless steel, with a diameter of 42 mm, which also caters to the current trend of large diameter.

 In fact, the most important point of a World Time watch is how to make it easier for the wearer to read the time. This World Time watch still looks very clear at a glance. Align the time in the outer circle with the time in your location.

    Movado means ‘perpetual motion’ in Esperanto, and the company adopted the name in 1905, which proved to be a predictive choice. Today, while celebrating its legendary Museum® dial and the beauty of modern design, Movado continues to manufacture high-quality watches with high-quality Swiss craftsmanship and design features. In the fall of 2008, Movado first introduced the popular and delightful new Museum Watch, the Red Label mechanical watch series, powered by a Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement.

 Most of the collections feature a carefully crafted Swiss automatic movement with 25 gems and a specially designed automatic disc with a red ‘M’ logo, clearly visible through the sapphire crystal back. The delicate red lettering on the dial highlights the extraordinaryness of the Ruihong series.

 The Red Label mechanical watch series includes the bold SE sports edition and the Luno Moon Dragon stainless steel watch with the Movado logo dot sports bracelet, and the men’s and women’s all-steel Museum automatic watch with an elegant bracelet. Classic museum collections are also available in 18K rose gold or pure stainless steel with natural crocodile or lizard straps. For watch connoisseurs, a 18K rose gold limited edition model with a manually wound skeleton movement and a unique dial with round holes is also available. All of these exquisite watches feature a single-dot museum dial—one of the most widely recognized and appreciated designs in the watch industry.

 The men’s red calendar dial watch launched this time, a 42mm stainless steel case with a display back, a black sunburst dial decorated with a unique rotating disc marked with the name of the world’s different time zone cities, silver signature concave surface Dot and cutout hands, red lettering, matte embossed black calfskin strap with red stitching on the inside, classic stainless steel tongue buckle, sapphire crystal, Swiss ETA 2893-2 automatic movement, waterproof 30 Meter.

Elegant Gorgeous Time At The Wrist

When quality withstands time, it becomes a classic; when history assumes the mission of inheritance, it becomes a culture. Chanel’s Mademoiselle Privé series watches are like the gift of time praised by the time, giving each woman an elegant time placed on her wrist.
Graceful time on your wrist
Pure craftsmanship at your fingertips
Enamel, condensing the gorgeous colors of time, is both craft and art. Pure craftsmanship at your fingertips
中 Among all the decorative skills of watches, enamel not only has a long history, complicated production technology, a small number, beautifully fired, but also has a high degree of artistry and shows strong creativity. And getting a rare enamel watch has always been the top dream of senior watch collectors.
In order to decorate, many watches are inlaid with gemstones, carved patterns and concave shapes on the surface, but among many processes, micro-painted enamel is the most admirable, for no other reason: to successfully create a micro-paint The enamel watch has a very high scrap rate. Second, there are fewer and fewer masters engaged in micro-painting enamel. The so-called master here is not only familiar with the complicated chemical changes behind the enamel, but also has superb painting techniques, so a beautiful big fire micro-painted enamel watch is no less than a master-level painting.
The Coromandel oriental screen dial watch in the Chanel ‘Mademoiselle Privé’ series uses the traditional Geneva technique to present the Chinese ebony screen pattern in Chanel’s apartment in the form of miniature painting enamel on the enamel dial. It is the famous Swiss female independent enamel artist Anita Porchet who personally manipulates this series. Each of the 10 models in this series has different patterns.
Anita Porchet needs to manually engrav the required decoration on the dial’s metal tires when making the dial. This is to make the entire decorative pattern after the enamel firing process more exquisite, beautiful and three-dimensional. Because of this, each piece becomes more and more unique. After the production of the bottom tire was completed, the extremely difficult micro-painting technique (Miniature) was used. On a blue reflective dark black enamel chassis, a brush made of mink hair is dipped in enamel paint, each painting is completed with the help of a microscope, and the layers are painted and fired. The subtle layering gradually appeared, and finally a beautiful and harmonious gongbi painting appeared. In the manufacture of each dial, the patient’s patience, rigorous procedures, and her intuition for beauty are indispensable. It takes about three weeks to complete such a delicate miniature painting of the dial.
After completing the work of painting the enamel dial of the big fire, it does not mean that the entire watch making process is over. Ms. Chanel once said: ‘Diamonds are women’s best friends.’ Because of this, only in diamonds With the blessing, the women’s exclusive enamel watch appears to be more active. The case, crown and buckle of the Coromandel oriental screen dial watch are all based on another classic craftsmanship-snowflake inlay. Snowflake inlay is a way to arrange gems of different sizes in a casual way. Adjacent stones are closely fitted together, completely covering the metal, leaving no gaps. Gems reflect natural and complex light, like snowflakes in the sun, hence the name. Only the most experienced master gem setting experts know this technique. Each jewellery watch in the collection ranges from 480 to 650 diamonds on the bezel. ‘Mademoiselle Privé’ Coromandel Oriental Screen Dial Watch
18K white gold case diameter 37.5mm, the case, crown and buckle are set with a total of 857 diamonds. Daming fire micro-painted enamel dial, self-winding mechanical movement, 42-hour power reserve, water-resistant to 30 meters.
Art treasures exclusively for Ms. Wu
In addition to the functionality and practicality of watches, the art and culture behind them are the two most important wealth of watch brands. The outstanding high-quality watches can reflect not only craftsmanship and technology, but also deeper artistic values ​​and cultural connotations. Just like the four watches in the Mademoiselle Privé collection with the theme of Comète Camellia (camellia and comet), it is a combination of superb craftsmanship of top watchmaking and top jewellery. It uses originality and creativity to bring the poetry of Chanel to her cherish A reinterpretation of inspiration. Its beauty not only flows outward, but also directly touches the soul.
Camellia mother-of-pearl camellia dial watch Camellia is the favorite flower of Gabriel Chanel. On the onyx dial, the petals of this gently blooming camellia are carved from 10 pieces of mother-of-pearl of different sizes. Its exquisite appearance can not help but marvel at the superb craftsmanship of the craftsman.
The Camellia Rotating Camellia Dial Watch is also inspired by Camellia. This watch uses a black-coated sapphire crystal dial, especially the titanium camellia at 5 o’clock, which is set with 11 white diamonds and 16 black Drill. As part of the dial decoration, this camellia also functions as a second hand, rotating once every 60 seconds. It is a special mechanical module developed for Chanel by the Swiss ‘eccentric second hand’ expert Dubois-Dépraz, which is linked with the movement. On this mechanical module that rotates once in 60 seconds, the rotating camellias pattern makes the overall design more lively. Two completely hollow leaf-shaped hands add time rhythm to this elegant and detailed picture.
Camellia Rotating Camellia Dial Watch
18K white gold case, 37.5 mm in diameter, 10.7 mm thick, set with 60 brilliant-cut diamonds (1 carat). Black satin strap with pin buckle set with 80 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.4 ct). Built-in CHANEL 12-WS automatic winding movement, power reserve 42 hours, waterproof 30 meters.
Camellia mother-of-pearl camellia dial watch
18K white gold case, 37.5 mm diameter, 8.6 mm thick, set with 60 brilliant-cut diamonds (1 carat). The onyx dial is decorated with mother-of-pearl camellia, set with 7 diamond hour markers. Black satin strap, high-precision quartz movement, waterproof to 30 meters.
Comète Rotating Comet Dial Watch
Stinging in Chanel’s dictionary, the stars imply eternal value. The use of stars as decorative themes in watches is a manifestation of ‘the greatest value in the smallest volume.’ As photographer Cecil Beaton wrote in The Mirror of Fashion: Chanel ‘has a talent for simplicity, and her designs are dazzling.’ This watch with a rotating comet dial is exactly the same as the previously mentioned rotating camellia dial watch, and it also uses a 5 o’clock rotating decorative seconds hand design. Against the backdrop of a deep black dial, whether it is camellia or comet, the simple atmosphere is interesting.
Comète Rotating Comet Dial Watch
18K white gold case with a diameter of 37.5mm and a thickness of 10.7mm, set with 60 brilliant-cut diamonds (1 carat). Black-coated sapphire crystal dial, 5-point titanium comet, set with 31 brilliant-cut diamonds, and rotates once every 60 seconds. Egg-faced onyx crown, black satin strap, pin buckle set with 80 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.4 ct). Built-in CHANEL 12-WS automatic winding movement, power reserve 42 hours, waterproof 30 meters.

G-shock 2015 Love The Sea And The Earth Whale Dolphin Series

G-SHOCK is committed to supporting marine conservation. In order to share the concept of caring for the ocean and the earth with more consumers, ‘LOVE THE SEA AND THE EARTH’ ‘Series 2015’ limited edition models. In order to allow G-SHOCK fans around the world to collect Japanese-limited products, 8 G-SHOCK STORE flagship stores overseas are limited to special sales!

GWX-8902K-7 full table expanded view

   The whole watch is designed with a white whale. The dial and printed words embellish the azure blue symbolizing the ocean. The central cold light button, buckle, strap and cold light illumination are all printed with whale patterns. The strap is also printed with international cetacean education and research The ICERC logo and the English characters ‘ALL AS ONE’ and ‘Love The Sea And The Earth’ are branded at the same time, telling that the family of four seas, human beings and all things live on the earth, should make every effort to maintain the ecology of the earth, and The back cover is specially engraved with the peaceful coexistence of human, natural environment and animals. The watch has many functions such as impact-resistant structure, water resistance of 200 meters, six rounds of radio wave reception, tide chart, moon phase information, solar power, etc., with special packaging, it has a unique collection value!
GWX-8902K-7 special packaging
   ※ GWX-8902K-7 is expected to be listed on June 27th (Sat.), 2015. It is only available in G-SHOCK STORE, TAIPEI limited edition!

Women Will Be Eccentric About Themselves. Two Blancpain Eccentric Women’s Watches Are Recommended

Blancpain, the founder of classic timepieces! As the top Swiss watchmaking brand, Blancpain not only pursues excellence in the manufacture of men’s watches, but also adheres to traditional watchmaking principles in the manufacture of women’s watches, and strives Perfect, salute the ladies. Today, Watch House recommends two beautiful and luxurious Blancpain eccentric watches for you. The so-called eccentric watch, that is, the hands indicating the time is not in the center of the dial. It is designed with its unique and asymmetric dial, which leaves more decorative space for the dial. Of course, this is also a powerful challenge to the movement design.
Blancpain Off-centre Second Hand 3650A-3754-58B

   The Blancpain Off-centre Second Hand Watch is set with 152 diamonds. Among them, 108 diamonds weighing 1 carat are set on a 36.8 mm red gold case. The diamonds are closely intertwined into two circles, which are patchwork and echo the brand’s signature double-layer bezel design. The crown is also set with exquisite diamonds, showing the gorgeous elegance of the watch.

   The dial of white mother-of-pearl sparkles with embellishments of colorful diamonds. The artistic digital hour markers are romantically moving on the mother-of-pearl dial: the eccentric hour and minute dial at 12 o’clock is decorated with 4 Arabic numerals and droplet-shaped hands, which are clear and generous. On the perfect dial layout, the 30-second retrograde indicator that complements the Blancpain logo at 6 o’clock adds a sense of agility, as if repeating the rhythm of the heart. Imagine a retrograde every 30 seconds, which requires 2880 retrogrades 24 hours a day, which requires extremely high stability of the movement. ‘Heartbeat’ is the nature of women, and it is also the secret of their youth.

   In addition to being feminine in appearance, Blancpain has also injected a consistent technical beauty into this watch. This women’s complication watch is equipped with Calibre’s self-winding caliber
2663SR. Through the sapphire crystal case back, the Geneva ripple and five-petal flower-shaped rotor decorated on the movement are in full bloom.
Blancpain Eccentric Date Retrograde Watch 3653-2954-58B

   The Blancpain eccentric date retrograde watch has a rose gold case and a bezel set with 40 gorgeous diamonds. In order to create a delicate and elegant style, the watch dial is perfectly made of four different mother-of-pearl. The cross-section of the mother-of-pearl is bright white or dazzling, or the fluorescence is bright, and the pieces are interlocked and intersected. On the blue sky of the moon phase display disk, the bright moon phase face echoes the gems and stars, rendering a poetic and artistic expression. The tip of the blue snake-shaped date retrograde hand is embellished with a bright star emblem, shining against the dial of the sky background decorated with diamonds; the crown is also set with a gorgeous diamond.

   Calibre jumping inside the watch
2650RL automatic movement, composed of 302 parts set with 32 gems, powers the eccentric small dial at 6 o’clock, the moon phase at 12 o’clock and the central retrograde date indicator, with a power reserve of 65 hours . In addition, through the sapphire back, it can be clearly seen that the automatic oscillating weight is shaped into a five-petal flower, highlighting the delicate and elegant femininity of this watch.

Tag Heuer Pre-basel Carrera’s Retro Feelings

TAG Heuer TAGHeuer launched two new Carrera series watches, designed with retro charm, and embellished with the classic brand logo. The new watch reinterprets the classic tradition of the brand in a unique modern way, and uses a 39 mm case style, which is the perfect choice for men and women.
Jack. When TAG Heuer developed a new chronograph for drivers and racing enthusiasts in 1963, it became clear that the wearer’s needs, such as a large and clear dial, as well as shock and waterproof watches Shell to overcome various trials on the road. The watch designer who loves motorsports launched the Carrera mechanical chronograph with manual winding in the following year, named after the famous 1950s Carrera Pan American Road Race in Mexico. The race lasted five days and covered 3,300 kilometers (2,100 miles) across Mexico. It was the most prestigious and dangerous endurance race of the time. The word ‘Carrera’ was interpreted in Spanish as ‘most ‘Advanced competition’ represents dangerous excitement, adventure and heroism.
Swiss official observatory certifies Carrera 39mm Calibre 6 watch
This new silver and blue three-hand watch is marked with a red ’60’ mark on the edge of the dial, while the TAG Heuer logo and second hand are also embellished with red details, paying tribute to the 1963 Carrera watch design. The blue small stopwatch perfectly echoes the retro blue Tonghua leather strap. The brand logo on the buckle is exquisite and pleasing to the eye. The combination of silver, blue and red interweaves fashion and nostalgia. This three-hand watch is powered by the Calibre 6 movement, which has been certified by the Swiss Observatory. It has a 44-hour power reserve and the rotor is decorated with a magnificent ‘Geneva ripple’. This Carrera watch has a classic and extraordinary design, and collectors and tasters who love unique designs love it at first sight.

Swiss official observatory certified Carrera watch with Calibre 6 movement, Glassbox surface adds lightness and simplicity to retro design

Carrera 39mm Calibre 18 Automatic Chronograph
This new black and silver chronograph has a classic vintage look, also with Jack. TAG Heuer’s original Carrera Carrera watch was designed on the blueprint. With reference to the Carrera Carrera watch, which was well received by collectors in the 1960s, it has two black chronograph dials at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock. This watch is not an ordinary chronograph. The edge of the dial is a ranging scale. It is an ancient military tool for measuring the shooting distance according to the speed of sound. Equipped with this unique range-finding function, the new watch series allows the wearer to calculate the distance of lightning during a thunderstorm.

Carrera 39mm automatic chronograph, the retro brand logo on the dial is a unique mark of this watch, a perfect blend of classic and fashion

The watch’s black leather strap, button shape and small 39 mm dial all highlight the retro charm. The buckle is engraved with the TAG Heuer logo and the details are meticulous. The movement is placed under the Glassbox glass surface, which not only adds a nostalgic taste, but also makes the watch thinner. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can see the exquisite Calibre 18 movement, and the ‘Geneva ripple’ on the rotor is exquisitely decorated. The eye-catching and elegant watch design reflects the classic taste, allowing those who love retro design to match different shapes.