Bulgari’s 125th Anniversary Launches Global Charity Event

The international boutique brand Bulgari is about to enter its 125th anniversary next year. In this memorable year, Bulgari replaced luxury celebrations with charity events and specially designed 15 pieces of high-end jewelry and 8 pieces of high-end jewelry. The watch is used as a charity auction to give back to the society. In addition, in order to allow the public to participate in this charity, Bvlgari has also launched a 125th anniversary limited anniversary ring. All the profits from this ring will be donated to charity. ‘Rewrite the Future’ event organized by the institution Save the Children.

    Francesco Trapani, general manager of the Bulgari Group, said: ‘For Bulgari, the best way to celebrate the 125th anniversary is to help the vulnerable children.’ A series of high-end jewellery and watches will be launched in June 2009 in the exhibition ‘Between Eternity and History’ organized by the Rome Exhibition Building, and will be held on December 7th. The Bulgari 125th Anniversary Limited Silver Ring has been on sale since February 2009.

New Movement New Look Nomos Glashütte Autobahn Neomatik 41

German watchmaking NOMOS Glashütte invited German designer Werner Aisslinger to design it in 2018, bringing a sophisticated watch with date function to the Neomatik Caliber series-simple appearance, sharp curves, novel display, The perfectly curved Autobahn Neomatik 41 watch. Combining different creative elements, Autobahn has launched three versions of silver-blue color, blue-white color, and silver-gray color. Werner Aisslinger is one of the most famous architectural and furniture designers today. His art creations are often exhibited around the world. Now it is on the wrist in the form of a watch, and the first watch is named Autobahn.

The Autobahn Neomatik 41 watch inherits the brand’s usual simple appearance. The perfect dial and case reflect the deep German engineering and watchmaking technology from Glashütte. The three date windows at six o’clock are generous and indisputable. Bold curves, unusual depths, showing time on many levels, Autobahn’s faceplate introduces new dimensions. The large luminous coating design on the face plate makes the watch emit blue cold light at night. The Autobahn watch is water-resistant to 100 meters. Viewed from the side, the curve of the faceplate and sapphire crystal glass are clearly visible.

The watch is equipped with NOMOS Glashütte’s latest movement: DUW 6101. The new date mechanism makes it quick and easy to set both directions. This large movement is only 3.6 mm high-in other words, the slimness is amazing. All NOMOS Caliber movements are fitted with a date ring, and the DUW 6101 is particularly large. The DUW 6101 is the first Neomatik Caliber with date function, and thanks to its structure it manages to maintain a particularly slim profile. The date display can be more prominent and particularly legible in the design. Excellent mechanics from Glashütte: the first neomatik Caliber with date function sets a new standard. The new NOMOS date is not only easy to identify; from a precise point of view, it is also three times larger than the standard date window.

Autobahn Neomatik 41

Stainless steel material / DUW 6101 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 100 meters / diameter 41mm

Omega Launches Constellation Women’s Watch

In 1982, Omega released the first constellation series watch with ‘Claws’. The avant-garde and long-lasting design of ‘Claws’ made this watch series immediately. It has become one of the most recognizable models in the world. In 2009, Omega redesigned the entire Constellation watch series. In 2010, Omega once again glorified the launch of two new models.

Eternal White

米 Omega Constellation Women’s 35mm Quartz White Watch with 18K Red Gold Polished Case and White Crocodile Leather Strap will be the perfect watch for your gorgeous wardrobe. What makes this watch even more fascinating is the 11 single-cut diamonds located above the hour scale, which have increased in size from the round faceted calendar window at 6 o’clock to the sides. The 18K red gold frosted bezel is very eye-catching, with Roman numerals coated with white luminous coating.
Another striking feature of this year’s Omega Constellation Women’s 35mm Quartz Watch is a black alligator leather strap and black-gray dial. This memorable watch is bezel-set with 34 full-cut diamonds. The 11 single-cut diamonds are located above the hour scale, and their size has been gradually reduced from the circular cut-off calendar window at 6 o’clock to both sides, which is in stark contrast to the sun-ray pattern emitted from the star emblem.
Black gray and white models are equipped with Omega 1532 quartz movement. The vertically frosted caseback is embossed with the emblem of the Omega Constellation Observatory. The polished arched hour and minute hands are coated with a white luminous coating, making the time clearly visible in any light.
For 28 years, this ‘horizontal watch series with claws’ has been loved by the world. In the newly-designed Constellation series, these two 35mm diamond-set watches combine timeless black and white with the ever sought-after diamonds to shine forever.

Space Walker Tasting Omega Speedmaster Coaxial Chronograph Moonwatch

A world-renowned watch brand, in addition to accepting a long history of more than 100 years, it continues to innovate and develop advanced products. It always keeps innovation beyond, uses technology to stimulate imagination, and uses watches Technology is integrated into people and life. Launched in 12 years, the Speedmaster coaxial chronograph lunar watch confirms the glorious moment of Omega, an oversized watch that elegantly fuses polished and matte surfaces alternately, making the timepiece more expensive. Next, please follow the watch home to enjoy the Omega Speedmaster series coaxial chronograph moon watch, the official model is: 311.

   The first impression that is more impressive is that the watch’s bezel is very special. The combination of a polished and scratch-resistant black ceramic bezel and a very sporty metal is like a movement and a silence, and the contrast between strength and weakness is obvious. Presumably, it is the master of the design in order to highlight the charm of the bezel.

   Since it is a coaxial chronograph, there must be a few more functional settings on the dial. At the 9 o’clock direction, the 60-second small second hand displays the dial, and the symmetrical 3 o’clock position is the 12-hour cumulative chronograph display. Dial; at 6 o’clock is the date display window, evenly distributed, highlighting a strong sense of regularity.

   Looking forward, the black and gold intertwined case design is pleasing to the eye, and the symmetrical streamline perfectly writes the watch’s overall grace and beauty, making it extremely smooth. A noble manifestation, appropriate. The knurled crown design is more common, because such a crown is more suitable for manual twisting, which is why most watch designers are rarely willing to innovate.

   As shown in the figure, the design of the lines at the lugs is more prominent. The two parts separated by the lines, one matte and one polished, are showing the strength and weakness of the watch, like the natural feelings of the river and the shore. I have to say that I really love its beauty, beyond words.

   A classic black circular dial has a uniform layout. In addition to a few functional settings, the hour markers and hands also have their own characteristics. When we are in a dark environment, others stretch out their wrists to see the time but ca n’t see clearly. At that time, we can proudly say ‘Look at me’, look around, and see through, the hour and minute hands are all transparent. Will glow because it is coated with green fluorescent material, even the time scale is so domineering!

   In order to match the gold of the case with the hour markers and the size hands, the designer specially designed it to be orange, so that it looks more uniform. The hour, minute and second hands are designed with a geometric sword shape for more accurate time checking.

   The black crocodile leather strap has a soft texture, which can protect the wrist, and is more coordinated with the case.

   The classic Omega logo is clearly visible on the back of the strap. When looking at the bottom of the watch, to be honest, I felt very surprised. The workmanship was so fine. The entire bottom of the watch was covered with a sapphire glass. It seemed that the movement was freed from the case. A 100-meter water-resistant logo is engraved on the outer edge of the bottom of the watch.

   Through the case back, you can see that the metal-polished 1/2 automatic rotor is decorated with a unique Arabic-style Geneva ripple, and the movement splint below is also decorated with the same; the classic Omega logo and 9301 are engraved on the rotor Core model; Swiss-made cardless silicon hairspring is embedded in the escapement.

   Omega’s 9301 coaxial self-winding chronograph mechanical movement can guarantee a power reserve of up to 60 hours and a movement frequency of 28,800 times per hour. Such an Omega self-produced movement is assembled into a ceramic and rose gold combination case, which is bound to raise its price to a new level. The domestic price of RMB 190,700 is quite in line with its due value.

Summary: The self-winding coaxial chronograph movement is equipped with a vertical wheel chronograph device, which enables the watch to have more durable superior accuracy and stability. Personally, a good watch cannot be separated from a good movement, which is different from the reason of a car. Of course, a good car cannot be separated from a powerful engine. For this reason, when choosing a favorite watch, it is necessary to know more about how this watch movement works.

For more information on watches please see: omega / 19727 /

Athens Ulysse Nardin Watches The New Grand Deck Flagship Nautical Tourbillon

Welcome on board! This ship is loaded with the most advanced technology and imagination, inspired by the ultra-complicated craftsmanship of sailing. The hand-carved wood grain dial feels like being placed on a giant wheel plywood and feeling the vastness of the sea. The design of the time display is even more original: the high-tech nanowires pull the slider to display the minutes, and the hours are displayed on two coaxial dials. This patented device also contains a spectacular tourbillon, adjusted by another barrel. This incredible work is inherited from the UlysseNardin classic marine astronomical watch series and is displayed in 18K white gold.

UlysseNardin boldly added the elements of the sea and continued to innovate. The ‘Grand Deck’ is the proudest breakthrough. The retrograde minute hand of the watch shows that it is a slider that mimics the lower girder of a sailing boat. This complex technique is visually appealing, and the way it is produced is equally complex. This patented system is connected to a 60-second flying tourbillon, pulled by a super-tough, high-tech nanofiber thread that is thinner than hair. It is impressive that the design of this watch subverts the traditional nautical series and reaches a new level of technology. As a pioneer in the manufacture of high-precision marine timepieces, Athens watches have a long marine history. From the 19th century to the present, they have produced countless high-precision marine instruments, and have made great contributions to human conquest of the ocean. The ‘Grand Deck Grand Tourbillon’ combines new functions and modern technology. It is based on the brand’s continuous pursuit of innovation and superb watchmaking technology for centuries. It is definitely worth having!
start sailing
Proudly traveling above the sea, the ‘Grand Deck Sailing Flag Tourbillon’ redesigned the deck elements and displayed them cleverly on the dial. The traditional minute hand has been replaced by a common sliding rod on the lower girder of a sailing boat. It works like a sling hoisting a sail, using a high-tech nanowire to control the slider and shifting it on the curved scale. Every time the slider passes 60 minutes, it will return to the origin, which takes 3 to 4 seconds. Its speed is controlled by a specially designed automatic return mechanism. The entire process can be appreciated from the back cover of the watch. The diameter of the nanowire used to control the slider is only 0.0357 mm, and it can withstand a traction force of 1.41kg when it is not stretched. This high-tech nanowire is made of Polyethylene Dynee-ma® fiber and is used in sailing equipment. Its hardness is several times higher than that of steel. This material was used for the first time in the manufacture of watches and clocks. The transmission system uses high-tech nanowires to surround a rigging screw: two of them are clearly visible, and the other is fixed on the screw clasp. The patented system placed on the dial is also the brand’s first use. At startup, its operating principle is like a winch lifting a sail on the deck. The four ‘pulleys’ use drive gears, helical tension springs and two lock pins. The dual-window time jump display is driven by two coaxial turntables that rotate in real time. There is a tuning device at 2 o’clock, which can quickly adjust the time.
Sail upwind
The watch is equipped with a UN-630 hand-wound movement and a 60-second flying tourbillon. It contains 469 components and has a frequency of 3 Hz. Although the innovative slider design requires a lot of energy, the watch still offers the best accuracy and has a power reserve of more than 48 hours. The first barrel is used for the timekeeping device; the second barrel provides power for the hour and minute display, which can be adjusted via a special escapement that collects information from the timepiece. The dual barrel design (one for the movement and the other for the time display) prevents this complex structure from affecting the movement of the watch. Behind the movement, the wearer can enjoy the winding and retracting posture of the spring through the hollowed-out barrel, which is both practical and ornamental. When the watch is wound, the clockwork surrounds the center of the barrel; on the contrary, when the power is exhausted, the spring will relax to the edge of the barrel.
All on board!
Presented in a 44mm white gold case, this complex mechanism is water resistant to 100 meters. The dial design of the ‘Grand Deck Tourbillon’ is just like an exquisitely designed luxurious giant wheel. The blue rubber indented screw-down crown and coin-shaped bezel, and the hand-engraved teak-textured dial are extremely delicate, reminiscent of a deck exposed to sunlight. The blue aluminum minute hand slider moves from 3 to 9 o’clock in a semi-transparent blue spinel curved scale; the slider is connected by a high-tech nanowire to four pulleys fixed by blue star screws. The tourbillon with the sign of the anchor of Athens reflected each other. In addition, the bezel details and decorative line design at the top of the dial are extremely delicate, incorporating nautical elements into it. The honor symbol of the Athenian Marine watch series is placed in the center of the international signal flags representing ‘U’ and ‘N’, echoing the brand’s historical design of astronomical clocks for ships.
This complex watch is extremely precious, limited to 18 white gold models worldwide, with a crocodile leather strap and a white gold folding buckle.

Athens Watch New Grand Deck Nautical Flag Tourbillon
Technical Information
Model: 6300-300 / GD, 18 K white gold
Limited: 18 pieces
Movement: UN-630 movement, 21’600 times per hour, tourbillon with unique slider display
Power reserve: about 48 hours
Winding method: manual winding
Functions: Double-window jumping time display, curved minute scale display, 60-second flying tourbillon, hour adjustment device that can be adjusted forward and backward
Case: 18K white gold, coin-shaped bezel
Crown: screw-down crown with rubber notches
Diameter: 44 mm
Water resistance: 100 meters
Dial: hand-carved wood grain dial, blue spinel curved scale in the center of the dial, blue aluminum minute hand slider
Table mirror: anti-glare and wear-resistant sapphire crystal
Case back: Sapphire crystal
Strap: leather strap with folding clasp

Parmigiani Launches New Tonda 1950 Rose Gold Watch

The reason why the Parmigiani Tonda 1950 became a best-selling model is its elegant aesthetics. The name of Tonda 1950 is to pay tribute to the founder of the brand. 1950 is the year of birth of Mr. Michel Parmigiani. The new ultra-thin watch is designed for men seeking elegance and unique style, and its pure design also marks a return to the brand’s basic appearance.

   The 18K rose gold case is polished, with a diameter of 39 mm and a thickness of only 8 mm. It is equipped with an anti-glare sapphire crystal and a transparent bottom. The new watch is available in three versions: grained white dial (PFC288-1002401-HA1242), rock gray sandblasted dial (PFC288-1000200-HA1442) and dark blue sandblasted dial (PFC288-1000601-HA3142). Dial with rose gold-plated appliqué hour markers and triangular skeleton hands.

   Built-in PF701 automatic movement, eccentric miniature oscillating weight is directly integrated on the substrate, so the movement is extremely thin, only 2.6 mm thick, and has a 42-hour power reserve. The movement bridge is retouched in Geneva and round grain, while the platinum oscillating weight is embellished with a guilloché pattern.

   Parmigiani’s new Tonda 1950 rose gold watch uses a Hermes black alligator leather strap and 18K rose gold folding buckle. The list price is 18,900 euros, equivalent to about RMB 150,000. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 Series 3-day Power Reserve Automatic Watch

Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic is the first Panerai watch to combine a Luminor 1950 42 mm diameter case with a white dial. Equipped with a P.9000 self-winding movement equipped with a 3-day power reserve, completely developed by Panerai’s watchmaking factory in Neuchâtel.

   The case is made of AISI 316L stainless steel, inheriting the shape of Luminor as a classic international sports watch, and is equipped with a bridge guard to protect the winding crown, ensuring water resistance to 10 atmospheres. The case and frame are polished to contrast with the crown bridge.

   The white dial of the Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic features a large black numeral on the hour scale, a date display at 3 o’clock and a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock, which are extremely legible. This design is a feature of Panerai watches since the 1940s.

   Through the case back made of sapphire crystal, you can admire the P.9000 movement. This self-winding movement is equipped with a 3-day power reserve, 2 barrels and a two-way winding rotor. Regarding the adjustment of the time, a special system is adopted. The hour hand moves by one beat every hour without affecting the operation of the minute hand.

   Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic (PAM000523) is equipped with a brown alligator leather strap and a frosted stainless steel buckle. It also comes with special tools and a stainless steel screwdriver for strap replacement.
LUMINOR MARINA 1950 3 DAYS AUTOMATIC-42 mm 3-Day Automatic Power Reserve Watch
Movement: Panerai P.9000 self-winding mechanical movement
Developed by Panerai, 1 3¾ legal minutes, 7.9 mm thick, 28 stone,
Glucydur® balance with 28,800 vibrations per hour,
Incabloc® anti-shock device, 3-day power reserve, 2 barrels,
197 parts.
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, date display.
Case: 42 mm in diameter, AISI 316L polished steel.
Bezel: Polished stainless steel.
Case back: transparent sapphire crystal.
Crown protection: Frosted stainless steel (Paner patent).
Dial: White dial with Arabic numerals and luminous dots,
Date display at 3 o’clock and small seconds at 9 o’clock.
Crystal glass: Sapphire crystal glass, made of corundum, thickness
1.8 mm. Anti-reflective coating.
Water resistance: 10 bar (about 100 meters).
Strap: crocodile leather strap with PANERAI logo, polished
Sand steel buckle. Includes a strap change tool and a stainless steel screw
Model: PAM00523
* Panerai Watch Factory does not hold Glucydur® and Incabloc
® trademark.

Noble Luxury 2014 Basel Tissot New Watch Real Shot Plan Appreciation

Baselworld 2014 has already begun, and many new watches show more surprises to the world. Every new and innovative Tissot watch is unique. This gold watch is noble and elegant. Let’s enjoy the new Tissot watch with the real shots sent back by the mission team.

  The above is the 2014 Basel watch related information carefully prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone, please pay attention to it. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)
2014 Basel Watch Show Special Website:

Watch ‘blood’ Talk: The Precision Wind Bone Of Japanese Watches

It is the latecomer to this mess that has persistently established his own genre style. Modern Japanese watches with distinctive characteristics and traditional German-based watches have really shaken Switzerland’s position as a mechanical watch for hundreds of years.

G-SHOCK is celebrating its 30th anniversary. It has specially invited the famous fashion brand Maison Martin Margiela to jointly launch a limited edition worldwide. Limited to 3000 pieces worldwide.

Citizen Eco-Drive Radiometer AS5019-56E
During the centuries of watch popularity, major watch brands have persistently followed the trajectory of mechanical watches. Until the advent of Japanese watches. It seems to be a planet out of its original orbit, while revolving around the center of the ‘watch’, it walks out of a ‘side door to the left’-the rise of electronic watches, so that more people understand that the original watch can still be like this. Because of this, some people describe Japanese watches as completely spoilers in the watch industry.

I was the latecomer to this mess, and firmly established his own genre style. Modern Japanese watches with distinctive characteristics and traditional German-based watches have really shaken Switzerland’s position as a mechanical watch for hundreds of years.

Precision, simplicity and practicality

王国 In the realm of mechanical watches, the challenge of limitless precision with infinite complexity has reduced the time error infinitely. Many watch brands are proud of it. The Japanese electronic watches, which have been repeatedly blinded by the Swiss watch industry, are just staggering in precision. The error is only one-sixth of that of mechanical watches. The most representative Seiko watch has been produced for many world sports events. The timer shows its accuracy. Not only that, the moisture-proof and shock-proof effects also make mechanical watches blue eyes.

In the pursuit of precision, Japanese watches and rigorous German watches have a kind of physical similarity. Acting with meticulous style, attaching great importance to the development of the machinery industry, the precision machinery industry … all these make its precision timekeeping manufacturing process almost demanding pursuit of perfection. Some people in the industry have concluded that the two major prerequisites for the development of a country’s watch industry are the development of precision machinery manufacturing and the rigor of nationality.

Instead of trying to make the watch more complicated, but to make the ordinary watch more accurate, the Japanese watch has returned the watch to its original purpose of practicality. I have to say that this is a completely non-following strategic road in the watch industry. If you are not good at carving, then simple design, not sticking to tradition, will innovate technology, Japanese watches are full of modernity. The clean design and sharp edges of the case have become the style of Japanese watches.

What’s more worth mentioning is that Japanese watches are superior to marketing and have obvious price advantages, so they have gained a large market and reputation.

Opportunity, genes and rise

Perhaps idealists are more willing to convince the story of the rise of Japanese watches. On January 27, 1945, World War II was nearing completion. On this day, allied air force formations bombed Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan in an afternoon round, and the city suddenly turned into ruins. Strangely, the clock tower of Hattori Watch Store was not damaged in the fire and still stood tall. Some people are happy to think that this means the future resurgence of Seiko.

Seiko is a clear representative of Japanese watches, and it is also a witness to the rise of Japanese watches.

Before World War II, 90% of the world’s watches were made in Switzerland. By the 1970s, that number had fallen significantly. Opportunity is here, can the Japanese watch industry catch it?

At that time, the absolute status of the Swiss precision machinery industry was still unmatched, and the Japanese watchmaking industry clearly knew that ‘the strength of one’s own strength is the strength of one’s weakness.’ The prevalence of the Japanese electronics industry ‘invigorates’ the minds of the watchmaking industry. So he turned the direction cleverly and implanted the ‘Electronic Gene’ and ‘Quartz Gene’ into the watch. The world’s first quartz watch officially launched on December 25, 1969, is the SEIKO quartz watch ASTRON, which subvert The history of world timing.

Since then, a number of watch rookies such as Seiko, Citizen, and Casio have achieved the Japanese myth of the watch industry, seized the market quickly, and accumulated the power to move the Swiss watchmaking kingdom.

Electronic, mechanical and photodynamic energy

The modern technology continuously integrated into Japanese watches has made more and more people feel the miracle of watch breakthrough machinery.

Of course, although Japanese watches have been advancing in the field of electronic watches, this does not prevent the study of mechanical watches. In the late 1990s, Japan began to focus on the development of mechanical watches, especially Seiko, to enrich its product categories, and there is no shortage of proof of Japanese watchmaking capabilities.

日 The Japanese watches that went further and further on the road of electronic watches took their minds again, staring at the sun that has nothing to do with watches. As early as 1976, Citizen developed the light kinetic energy technology in the industry. Based on this, the first light kinetic energy wristwatch was heard in 1995 and was converted into kinetic energy using any visible light source. The extraordinary and innovative watch completely changed the driving mode of the watch, thereby opening the era of light kinetic energy watches.

The divergent thinking of the next Japanese watch in function is far from stopping. The civilian brand Casio GB-5600, developed in 1983, has been regarded as a pioneer in the design of shock-resistant structures for suspended watch cores. This year, under the premise of maintaining its original appearance, the Bluetooth module is embedded to realize the synchronous reminder of emails and text messages with smart phones. When the mobile phone cannot be found, it can be found within 10 meters by relying on the body search function. Maybe one day, a Japanese watch will become a wrist computer.

[Representative brand]


的 The evolution and development of SEIKO watches is a living history of Japanese industrial development. Seiko believes that watches are private friends. The best watch should have a tacit feeling that fits the wearer, and the functions provided by the watch can bring the wearer a sense of peace and reliability and emotional satisfaction. Features such as fast winding, high precision, scanning smooth pointer, and Seiko’s top manufacturing technology ensure the top quality of the product.


成立 Citizen, founded in 1930, expresses infinite respect for the craftsmanship. Citizen’s watchmaking process encompasses everything from the manufacture of a single component to the final assembly of a watch. Photodynamic energy is the core technology of Citizen. It uses natural light or artificial light to power the watch. Solar-powered watches can turn any visible light source into the power that drives the watch


Casio watches are one of Japan’s three major brands, and have been known for many years for their truly versatile G-SHOCK watches. Casio watches represent a vibrant, young, stylish, and versatile brand image that has become popular. There are two major categories of Casio watches, one is a jumper table for sports and leisure images; the other is a young and stylish pointer watch. Seasonal special products and new products will be introduced in accordance with the changes of the seasons.


ORIENT (Eastern) was founded in 1950. Compared with Citizen and Seiko, Oriental watches are Japanese ‘Western-style’ watches, it pays more attention to the international line in style design, emphasizing the traditional European style. Because its LOGO is two lions, it was commonly known in China as the ‘double lion’ brand, and it is known as the ‘wearable king’ and ‘the king of sex price’.

Oyster Perpetual Yacht Master Ii

Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II is specially designed for sailing competitions, bringing together the best Rolex technology with outstanding performance. This regatta chronograph is extraordinary and designed for yacht lovers and experienced sailors. The Yacht-Master II has a mechanical memory preset countdown function, upholding Rolex’s style, combining precision technology, integrating innovative thinking and sports performance into one.
   In order to make the Yacht-Master II, Rolex invented a new and unique horological complex: it integrates the mechanical memory setting countdown and real-time synchronization functions, especially designed for the start of the regatta. This new watch takes into account not only the timing requirements of the captain, but also the watch’s timing function and ergonomic design.

   Although the Yacht-Master II combines sophisticated technology, it is easy to operate and clear when read; it is now equipped with new hands and dial to fully reflect the professional Rolex watch style. In spite of the complexity of the design, the watchmaker ingeniously retained the unique and aesthetics of the Oyster collection while retaining the excellence and reliability of Rolex.

   The first technical challenge is the time display. Because the regatta is ready to go, the countdown display must be legible. Just like a traditional chronograph, the sailing seconds are displayed with a central hand, and this red central seconds hand stands out on the dial. A red triangle hand displays the countdown minute, with a scale from 10 to 0 (with a half-minute mark), which indicates the position of three quarters of the circumference of the dial. The numbers 10 to 0 on the circle are also in large font format, which is clear and clear at a glance. This watch is different from the ordinary hour and minute hands, the time is clearer and easier to read, and it also has a second dial at 6 o’clock.
Type 4161 permanent magnet
   The second challenge, the official countdown to the regatta, will vary depending on the nature of the event. Therefore, the countdown of a watch must be easy to adjust. Rolex engineers spent 35,000 hours researching and developing this complex device, and finally achieved a masterpiece-the new movement 4161. The 4161 movement is modeled on the 4130 chronograph movement. The 4130 caliber was launched in 2000, and was specially designed for the Cosmograph Daytona. The 4161 movement has an innovative countdown device that resets the time period from 10 minutes to 1 minute. This setting device is also equipped with mechanical memory, and the pointer can return to the same period when the next countdown. Later, the wearer can also set and store different timing times as needed. This new device is a unique feature of the Yacht-Master II and was successfully patented. This device is mounted on the top of the movement and is connected to the main chronograph by a horizontal column wheel, which is another innovative feature of this movement.
Interaction between outer ring and movement

   Perhaps the most difficult challenge is to make these functions easy to operate. In fact, the interaction space between the traditional chronograph and the movement has been fully utilized: the button at 2 o’clock is responsible for starting and stopping the countdown function; the button at 4 o’clock is used for reset; and the crown is used for setting Set the time and wind the watch. In view of this, Rolex decided to innovate and invented the Ring Command outer ring, which is directly connected to the movement of the movement. Turn the outer ring 90 degrees to start the countdown setting function, and use the winding crown to adjust the countdown period. Turn the Ring Command outer ring in the other direction to lock and record the settings. This pioneering innovative device, from design, research and development to production, is fully monitored by Rolex. The movement, case and strap are without exception, fully showing the brand’s unique advantages, which can also prove to be important advantages here.
Real-time synchronization

   To secure its position as the best regatta chronograph, the Yacht-Master II has to meet one last challenge. At the start of the race, the captain must synchronize the watch with the countdown to the conference. When the countdown is in progress, this synchronization action must also be started in ‘real time’. The solution is to integrate the flyback reset function into the second hand. When the button at 4 o’clock is pressed, the hand will ‘fly back’ to its starting point. After releasing the button, the hand will run again. The countdown minute hand will automatically synchronize with the nearest minute, thus correcting the gap when the countdown is activated too late or too fast.
advanced technology
   The 4161 movement, which combines 360 components, is refined from UV-LiGA technology. This micro-manufacturing technology can expand the metal structure in the resin mold and revolutionize the design of the watch movement. Because of this, components can now use materials with small proportions, complex geometries, or innovative materials that were previously unavailable due to traditional production technologies. Without these components and UV-LiGA technology, which is fully controlled by Rolex, the Yacht-Master II would not have been available. The story behind the Yacht-Master II proves Rolex’s unremitting efforts to create an elegant and reliable regatta chronograph for the captain. This watch is simple and easy to use, and fully meets their needs at the start of the game, to grasp the best time.