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    2012 Are Slim Watches Still Popular?

    So what is the answer to this question? Are slim watches still popular? At SIHH last year, the ultra-thin case and movement showed the watchmaking industry’s re-emergence of more stable, creative styles. Simple, classic timepieces that display only hours and minutes are gaining prominence in professional watchmaking media. There is no doubt that thin watches were very “popular” in 2011, and they were still popular in 2012. Most watch brands launched at this year’s SIHH at least one watch that we can call ‘thin’. Some brands have also made a bold step forward and entered the ‘ultra-thin’ ranks. All of this can’t be separated from the extra complicated functions or hands, so the movement becomes thinner, which ultimately reduces the thickness of the case itself.
     Let’s start with the thinnest watch launched at this year’s SIHH. It has nothing more than a window indicating the hours and minutes. The classic Cartier Tank XL Slim Line uses Caliber 430MC movement. In fact, this movement is also used on the Piaget 430P’s Altiplano and Dancer line, I am sure you will be surprised. It is worth noting that the thickness of this movement is only 2.1 mm, so the height of the Cartier Tank XL case is only 5.1 mm. In second place is Van Cleef & Arpels Pierre Arpels, which reinterprets the Parisian House, which first appeared in the 1940s. With the Piaget Caliber 830P at a height of only 2.5 mm, the new Pierre Arpels is now an extremely elegant and powerful competitor.

    Van Cleef & Arpels Pierre Arpels takes inspiration from 1940s watches © Van Cleef & Arpels
     Vacheron Constantin introduced the new Malte 100th Anniversary Platinum using the Caliber 4400 caliber with a height of only 2.8 mm. This barrel-shaped timepiece is designed to commemorate the brand’s first uniquely shaped watch a century ago.

    Vacheron Constantin Malta Small Seconds © Vacheron Constantin

     Just a tenth of a millimeter thicker than Vacheron Constantin, the manually wound Caliber L093.1 movement from German manufacturer A. Lange & Söhne makes the new Saxonia Thin attractive. Made from Glashütte’s unique art of watchmaking, this watch guarantees a power reserve of no less than 72 hours after the top is wound. The latest version of the ultra-thin watch that only shows hours and minutes in this category is Audemars Piguet’s ‘Royal Oak Ultra-Thin’ series, which launched at its historic moment at its 40th anniversary. Although it has an extra date window at 3 o’clock and a self-winding oscillating weight, the Caliber 2121 movement developed by AP is only 3.05 mm high.

    Lange-Saxon ultra-thin watch with 72-hour power reserve © Lange

     As a part that runs the miniature metal discs and splints of traditional mechanical watches, the movement has become a very challenging task for watchmakers. Such operations on ultra-thin movements are just a few things that high-end watch brands can do. As a recognized expert in the field of ultra-thin movements, Piaget surpassed the Caliber 1208P movement (2.35 mm high) and added a height of only 0.05 mm, which led to the birth of the new 1200S movement. This is an extraordinary technological achievement, which is directly comparable to the overall image of the fashionable charm of Altiplano watches.

    Piaget Altiplano Skeleton is equipped with Caliber 1208P movement, only 2.35 mm thick © Piaget

     SIHH’s second new product that combines an ultra-thin mechanical movement and hollow-out technology is Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Grand Reverso ultra-thin SQ. The watch uses a record-breaking Caliber 849RSQ movement with a thickness of only 1.85 mm and 128 parts. Just imagining that the movement is hollowed out is a feat that is incredible. Jaeger-LeCoultre dubbed it the ‘double-sided steel maze’.

    Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso Ultra Thin SQ movement with 128 parts and a thickness of only 1.85 mm © Jaeger-LeCoultre
     Enter another category of ultra-thin watches on display at the 2012 SIHH: the Parmigiani Tonda 150 Special Edition, which features small seconds, clear lines, exquisite contours and perfect proportions. Powering the watch is the Caliber PF701 calibre, which is only 2.6 mm tall and equipped with a mini rotor. Vacheron Constantin’s hand-wound Malte Small Seconds is the only other ultra-thin watch to be displayed in Geneva this year, which is actually amazing. Its Caliber4400AS movement is only 2.8 mm tall and only two tenths of a millimeter thicker than a Parmigiani movement.
     Before entering the high-complexity category of thin watches, naturally we cannot ignore Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Master Ultra-Thin Reserve de Marche. Although it has a central rotor, it also displays hours, minutes, small seconds, dates, and even its power reserve. The Caliber938 movement incorporates these functions, with a total of 273 parts and a thickness of no more than 4.9 mm!
     The most complicated category of ultra-thin watches is the model with tourbillon, and this year only two brands dare to compete in this field. Audemars Piguet showed off its elegant 40th anniversary edition of the ‘openwork royal oak ultra-thin tourbillon’ and another non-openworked version. Both versions use a hand-wound Caliber 2924 movement with a thickness of only 4.46 mm.
     The other is the ultra-thin tourbillon of Caliber 899 with a thickness of 6.4 mm, which is only 1.94 mm thicker than Audemars Piguet. The excess height is used to fit the center rotor in its movement. However, in this category, the crown still belongs to the excellent ‘Emperor Coussin automatic ultra-thin’ watch that Piaget showed at SIHH last year. Its Caliber1270P movement is still the world’s thinnest tourbillon after it is equipped with a pearl tourbillon. Only 5.55 mm thick.

    Audemars Piguet ultra-thin royal oak tourbillon with a thickness of 4.46 mm is impressive © Audemars Piguet

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    I Didn’t Specifically Hold The Tag Heya

    The popularity of low-priced, high-specification diving watches has risen all the way in the past two years. Ceramic rings and water-resistant depths of more than 300 meters have previously been the symbol of high specifications. They can now be bought for about 10,000 yuan. This situation It will also cause some cousins ​​to be plagued by the price comparison. The original budget could be tens of thousands, and after seeing many new products from low-end and mid-end brands, they became confused for a while. It seems that the same situation will continue to intensify this year, and the battlefield may extend outward from the diving watch. Various high-end materials and technologies in the past may now start at affordable prices that were unimaginable before. Years will be rewarded as a result. This is the development of industrial technology. It was the most expensive when it first came out, but with the increase in production, the popularization of related knowledge, and the initial R & D and equipment costs gradually recovered, the price of this technology will become cheaper and cheaper until it becomes Standard specifications that everyone can afford. This is the case, but for the cousin who started at the most expensive time, it is embarrassing. People around you comfort you ‘buy early and enjoy early, before it is cheap enough for everyone to use it, you have already taken the lead It took me a few more years ‘, but the high-end watches that I bought for a lot of money at the beginning, and now I have a bad street, no emotion in my heart is deceiving. This is true for consumers, as well as for watch factories. For the brands that first introduced some new technology, when this technology that once allowed them to walk and take the wind is no longer rare, then how to maintain their own advantages in the future will become To their biggest problem. The first option is to continue to refine the technology and do something that low-end brands that also use this technology cannot do-for example, the same ceramic ring, Rolex and OMEGA hollowed out the scale numbers and plated them inside Tricks such as platinum and liquid metal are not learned from other cheap diving watches. The second option is to open a new battlefield and continue to look for other high-tech. Everyone uses PVD to make DLC, and DLC is not very powerful. There are ceramics, carbon fiber, and sapphire crystal. Anyway, the function of mechanical watches is back to the previous one. The century has already been developed almost. If you only pay attention to dazzling skills, the solution will always come up. Do you think this situation is healthy? I don’t think it can be called healthy, but many industries have been creating demand rather than satisfying it, so it is understandable to take this path, but in the meantime, there are still a few that we can do better and let the future Things that don’t seem so stupid when you think about it are worth noting. First of all, you need to hone your eyesight and learn to judge good and bad. Also, the quality of the bezel made of ceramics is absolutely different from that of low-end brands. It’s better than some cheap ceramic circles, and instead of the beautiful text written on the superstitious product manuals, it is better to learn to understand the real connection between price and value. Then again, the brand itself is not honest enough. When new technology comes out, it must be more expensive, but is it really that expensive? It’s hard to say in the middle. A watch factory that spent money on research and development and bought equipment. In the early stage, there is absolutely a cost to be recovered. It is a bit expensive to sell, but do n’t blow the bubble too much. Sell as much as you want. Otherwise, a few years later. He broke his own foot when broken. Isograph of carbon hairspring is not easy to make, Hollow carbon hairspring needs to be burned first, Then, amorphous carbon is poured into it, It feels more troublesome than silicon hairsprings. For example, this year’s TAG Heuer is quite sincere. Their newly developed carbon hairspring Isograph is based on the past, it’s expensive for two or three years. In addition to the earliest tourbillon, new technologies were popularized into ordinary movements at once. For example, the Autaria watch with a ceramic ring and copper price in mainland China was priced at 31,500 yuan. It is also said that TAG Heuer has not produced much for user experience, and it has been promoted to the main watch series for more than a year. In my opinion, testing the maturity of new technologies can’t just be handed to consumers at the top of the pyramid. The masses can afford them, and then participate together, which is more conducive to brand development. Do not ask for powder, just talk about the public number of the watch

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    Ingenuity, Cartier Key Series Mysterious Hour Function Rose Gold Watch Tasting

    Speaking of the magical design and timing function of mechanical timepieces, I think all of you friends can list one or two. Watch designers have worked hard on the main functions of this watch, making these watches highly ornamental and unique charm, becoming a model of the moment. The Cartier watch is an outstanding example of pursuing this ‘unexpected’ effect. Each timepiece is a capital ‘Saples’, just like this mysterious hour function rose gold introduced by the watch house editor today. Like a watch, can you guess how the hollow transparent dial is connected to the movement? Sell ​​it first, and you’ll know the answer after reading it. (Watch model: WHCL0002)

    Surprised ‘eccentric’ disk

    Watch highlights

       Speaking of this dial, I have to admire the superb craftsmanship and outstanding imagination and creativity of Cartier watchmakers. The secret of the watch’s travel is not in the hands, but in the sapphire glass in the dial. The seemingly ordinary glass actually has a lot in it. In our past traditional view, the movement of the hand can indicate time, and this timepiece is just the opposite. The sword-shaped rhodium-plated steel hands of the watch are set on the glass and will not rotate. Instead, the two layers of glass below the hands drive the hands to indicate the time. The sapphire glass has a device connected to the movement to provide power for the time. . After the above description, you will understand how this timepiece ‘hiding the sky’.

    ‘Eccentricity’ and hollow design make you more enamoured

    Off-centre hour and minute indicator display
       The ‘eccentric’ design is presumably not so unfamiliar to everyone, unlike the watch with the traditional dial design. It always has a magical and unique charm that can’t be stopped. In people’s feelings, lovers often tend to favor each other to express their love for each other. In fact, the charm of eccentric watches is similar to this phenomenon, breaking through the traditional center position, making people feel bright at first sight, or even fall in love at first sight. The design of the watch is not limited to this. It also has a silver-plated hollow grille device on the dial, with a sunray radiation effect, and part of the movement is missing between the avant-garde blue elegant Roman numerals and the watch is added. The watchfulness and aesthetics show the unique charm of mechanical watches to watchers.

    Watch case display

       The 41mm 18k rose gold case, with a thickness of 11.25mm, is smooth and natural after sanding. With its unique luster, it is exquisite, understated and luxurious, making it a classic timepiece.

    Watch crown display

       The same 18k rose gold crown is beautifully set with a deep, restrained sapphire. The rose gold texture is soft and comfortable to operate. As a whole, the chic crown and case are perfectly integrated into one, making the watch more natural and attractive.

    Watch movement display

       The hollow design of the dial and the back-through style of the back of the watch fully show you the ‘heart’ of this timepiece, which is a visual feast. The watch uses Cartier’s 9981 MC workshop to craft a manual winding mechanical movement with a balance frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and a power reserve of approximately 48 hours.

    Watch strap display

    Watch buckle display

       The watch is connected to a dark brown alligator leather strap, and the ‘crack’ on the strap also adds to the beauty of the watch. This makes such a watch very mature and atmospheric charm for men. The strap with 18k rose gold folding buckle protects the watch from slipping off the wrist.

    Watch overall display

    Summary: Classic timepieces and unique design ideas always give people a bright feeling, full of magical and charming surprises for you to discover and explore. This Cartier Key series watch introduced to you today is mature and atmospheric, and has a good watch experience. If you like creativity and unique features, you can consider starting this Cartier Mysterious Hour Function Rose Gold Watch. Watch price: RMB 448000

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    Ask For The Ultra-thin Peak Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic Watch

    The innovative design concept from Italy collided with Switzerland’s top professional watchmaking craftsmanship, and the Bvlgari watch was created in accordance with the essence of watchmaking culture in both countries. The OCTO series is one of the representatives. It breaks the tradition and blends square and circle, combined with the geometric shape of the octagon, to fully express Bulgari’s creative talents. Uninhibited is the soul of the OCTO series, and it is the OCTO series’ understanding of men’s personality. In the development of watches, Bulgari also takes this as the benchmark, breaking records many times. The Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic (watch model: 102711) keeps pace with this series of tourbillon watches, minute repeaters and skeleton tourbillon watches, constantly surpassing the limits, reaching a new ultra-thin peak.

       The architectural aesthetic design of the OCTO series shows its Roman descent and blends with modern design concepts. The Octo Finissimo Automatic watch has a stylish shape without losing its outstanding texture. The design inside the watch took a lot of thought from watchmakers. In order to create the thinnest ultra-thin self-winding watch on the market, all the movement parts were conceived and designed from scratch. Every small component is exerting its power for the birth of ultra-thin watches until it reaches the extreme.

       During the Basel Show, the appearance of Wu Yifan wearing this Octo Finissimo Automatic watch set off the climax of the show. The Octo Finissimo Automatic with a halo of the ‘thinnest self-winding watch’ has become a representative of fashion trends under Wu Yifan’s personality. It is also a very popular watch among watch fans.

       The watch uses a 40mm matte titanium case with a thickness of only 5.15mm. It is still very thin and has a silver-gray titanium dial. The combination of pure black line hour markers and Arabic numerals on the dial, a small second dial at 7:30, the hollow hour and minute hands in the center of the dial, and the hours and hands are treated with black PVD coating, which is richer Luster makes the watch avant-garde and stylish.

       The titanium case brings lightness to the watch. The crown is also made of titanium and is inlaid with black ceramic on the top. The combination of titanium and ceramic materials fully expresses the modern design of the watch.

       The watch has a matte black alligator leather strap with a titanium pin buckle. The strap is soft and comfortable, together with the titanium case, it creates a light-weight wearing feeling.

       In order to drive Octo Finissimo Automatic, Bvlgari Watch Factory independently developed a new movement-BVL 138 · Finissimo, the thickness of the movement is only 2.23 mm, equipped with a small second hand and platinum miniature oscillating weight, which is the current market The thinnest self-winding movement. This movement has a 55-hour power reserve, and is hand-decorated with Geneva ripples and pearl dots, and is chamfered, if there is no case back. The watch is water-resistant to 30 meters.

       Summary: The Octo Finissimo Automatic watch embodies the philosophy of simplification, the contrast of black and white tones, and the simple dial layout, which is full of fashion and conveys the philosophy of simplicity. The official Bulgari WeChat boutique opens the ‘See Now Book Now’ mode. The official price of this watch is 99,000 RMB, which can be ordered at the Bulgari official WeChat boutique.

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    2014 Hermès Elegant Classic In The Classic Reproduction Of Basel

    Hermès loves travelling and can always express leisurely elegance in it. In the upcoming Basel Jewellery and Watch Show, the brand reinterprets the Cape Cod series and its name inspired by the nautical world. It is derived from Hermès’s first Faubourg women’s watch located at 24 Faubourg Avenue in Paris. Elegant style.

     Nantucket Silver

     The Cape Cod collection has been a mainstay of the Hermès family since 1991. This year, this classic watch collection is reinterpreted in a stylish and elegant way, retaining its curved arcs and unique lugs. The dial has been redesigned with a replaceable strap, and the cases of the Tonneau and Nantucket models offer a choice of sterling silver-a unique sterling silver material exclusively developed by Hermès, which retains its unparalleled brightness forever.

     The curved case of the Cape Cod watch model has a detailed silhouette, echoing one of the masterpieces of Hermes jewelry also inspired by the nautical world: the Anchor Chain bracelet.

     Cape Cod Tonneau GM Silver

     The sunlight on the Cape Cod Peninsula is mottled and diffuses a different atmosphere; the unique light feeling, bright white and deterrent, warm and flowing, like the sun shining on the surface of sterling silver. Hermès’ watch works reinterpret this precious metal material, bringing the exclusive research and development of sterling silver. This new alloy has a higher ratio of sterling silver than the traditional 925 alloy. It has been specially developed by a person to ensure that sterling silver can retain its blooming light for many years.

     While the Cape Cod watch revolutionizes the game with a series of refined brush strokes, its timeless and elegant appearance has been tried for a long time.

     Cape Cod Tonneau PM Silver

     The slender and elegant Nantucket watch, its elegant lines fit smoothly with the wrist; the case is replaced by the high-quality sterling silver before the 925 silver alloy, refracting the flashing light, and it is bright and different. The subtle radian of the case ensures a perfect wrist-like feel, with and without diamond models. The design of the case is inspired by AnchorChain anchor chain links, which can be attached to the wrist with a replaceable strap, emphasizing the precious qualities of the watch.

    Faubourg Collection

     A mysterious charm. Precise and refined in the subtle. A glimpse of Parisian style. The petite and exquisite she is like a perfect gem, her wrists are light, she is careless and carefree. Exquisite metal rings, condensing and shining light, arm in arm —— accompanied by each other, delicate and elegant.

     The name of the Faubourg women’s watch is derived from Hermès’s first boutique located at 24 Faubourg Avenue in Paris. This watch is exquisite and retro, I believe it will win the love of ladies.


    Available in rose gold, white gold or yellow gold, no diamond or diamond setting
    15.5 mm case diameter
    Quartz Movement
    White lacquered dial with diamonds at 12 o’clock
    Gold bracelet, leather or satin strap, depending on model

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    Witness The ‘smog Smoke’ Cartier Tank Watch Recommended

    The tank series originated from Louis Cartier during the First World War. Inspired by the new Renault tank on the western front, this great design of war aesthetics was achieved. Called a classic masterpiece with unique style, Cartier Tank watch not only has avant-garde shape, but also exudes elegance. It spans the centuries, leads the fashion trend in different times, and reflects the modern modern lifestyle. Today, Watch House introduces you to three classic watches in the tank series for you to choose from.
    Cartier TANK LOUIS CARTIER W5310012 watch
    Model: W5310012
    Movement type: manual machinery
    Case material: Platinum
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Case diameter: 30.00 × 39.20 mm
    Domestic public price: ¥ 358,700
    Watch details: Louis Cartier sapphire crystal skeleton watch, size 30 x 39.2 mm. 18K white gold case; 18K white gold bead-shaped crown set with a convex round sapphire, which is the finishing touch. Blue steel sword-shaped hands. Black alligator leather strap for comfortable wearing. With 18K white gold folding clasp. Hollow design, hour, minute, small seconds display, very concise to make time clear at a glance. It is equipped with a Cartier 9616 MC workshop refined manual winding mechanical movement. Balance vibration frequency: 28,800 times per hour; power reserve: about 3 days. Precise without losing the vintage style of the watch.

    Cartier TANK LOUIS CARTIER W1560017

    Model: W1560017
    Movement type: manual movement
    Case material: 18k rose gold
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Case diameter: 40.40×34.92 mm
    Domestic public price: ¥ 103,000
    Watch details: Louis Cartier watch oversized, 18K rose gold case, bead-shaped inlaid with a convex blue sapphire crown continues the exquisite tank series, silver plated dial, Sword-shaped blue-steel hands, mineral crystal mirror, alligator strap, easy to wear. The movement is a manual winding mechanical movement using Cartier 430 MC workshop to ensure the accuracy of the watch. Simple and elegant, this classic tank watch is a good choice for many mature men.

    Cartier TANK FRANCAISE W51005Q4 watch

    Model: W51005Q4
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Strap Material: Stainless Steel / 18k Yellow Gold
    Case diameter: 36.5×28.15 mm
    Domestic public price: 58,000
    Watch details: The Française watch is more like a bracelet watch, boldly placing the curved case in the center of the track bracelet, but it has not affected the smoothness and continuity of the overall line in the slightest. And aesthetics. The 18K yellow gold octagonal crown is set with a convex round synthetic spinel, which has a classic beauty style. The silver-plated guilloché dial, sword-shaped blue steel hands, sapphire crystal, 18K yellow gold and stainless steel bracelet set off each other to form a beautiful scenery. The cal.120 self-winding mechanical movement also guarantees the accuracy of the watch. The perfect combination of classic and fashion has attracted many watch lovers.
    Summary: Cartier’s tank series is a classic masterpiece with unique style. Cartier Tank watches not only have avant-garde shapes, but also exude elegance. It spans the centuries, leads the fashion trend in different times, and reflects the modern modern lifestyle. We can faintly see the smoke from the Tank series that year, which is evocative.

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    G-shock And Rapper A $ Ap Ferg Merge Hip-hop Element ‘diamond’ To Create A New Watch

    G-SHOCK, who has always been paying attention to various cultural fields such as fashion, music, art, sports, and New York hip-hop group A $ AP Mob member A $ AP Ferg launched a new joint watch model GA-110FRG, Ferg itself In addition to being a fan of G-SHOCK, he performed at the G-SHOCK 35th Anniversary Celebration in New York last year.

    GA-110FRG-7A adopts a transparent design as a whole, and the surface is added with three colors of red, yellow and purple like a gem.

    Caseback printed with Ferg’s signature

    The cooperation is based on the G-SHOCK super popular digital pointer dual display GA-110 model. The watch model is based on the concept of ‘Diamond’ diamond elements in hip-hop style, and added Ferg’s creativity. The overall design is transparent, creating a diamond shine Feeling, the surface is added with three colors of red, yellow and purple like a gem. The back and the strap buckle are printed with the signature of Ferg. The outer packaging is specially inspired by the jewelry box. The inside is made of yellow flannel, which fully echoes the ‘Diamond’ theme.

    The bracelet buckle is printed with the signature of Ferg

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    Exquisite Femininity And Femininity Jacques De D’elegance 8 Watch

    Elegant 8 (Lady 8) contains the essence of jewellery craftsmanship, sometimes simple and pure, sometimes gorgeously decorated, with exquisite curves to show the softness, elegance and exquisiteness that Jaquet Droz cherishes. The rhyme is a model. The LaChaux-de-Fonds workshop is dedicated to creating exquisite scenes and realizing real craftsmanship. This year, Jaquet Droz has reached its peak, equipped with a breathtaking automatic doll scene for Lady 8-a blooming lotus.

      The Elegant 8-Flower watch combines all the techniques of Jaquet Droz. The two rings overlap to form Jaquet Droz’s iconic number 8. The 8 symbolizes harmony, completeness and endlessness. . A butterfly with wings spread is displayed on the ring below, and two styles are available: the first butterfly is decorated with translucent red enamel hand-painted carved butterfly wings with a guilloché surface; the second is embellished with precious stones, the butterfly Inlaid with sapphire and snowflake-encrusted diamonds. The ring above shows a lotus flower covered with a sapphire crystal dome mirror. The lotus symbolizes Ning He Jing Yuan and elegant poetry, and is regarded as a sacred and pure flower in many Asian cultures. The lotus on the dial is meticulously crafted to the best of every detail: each petal is carefully sculpted to give the petals a perfect satin effect on the back, or one by one with enamel.

      This event installation displays mysterious and implied flower buds or full blooms, not just pure natural wonders full of poetry. Just press the button and the lotus will bloom slowly, revealing the diamond flower heart. With this timepiece, Jaquet Droz also realized a new technological innovation: the watch mechanism and the Lotus doll device were simultaneously embedded in a 35 mm diameter case of the same size, and the two did not interfere with each other. The case is also exquisitely crafted, regardless of size selection or inlaid embellishment, each watch’s brilliant-cut or baguette-cut diamonds are meticulous.

      Elegant 8-Flower (Lady8Flower) watch series launched two models, each limited to 28 pieces. Through these two watches, Jaquet Droz shares with customers the magical secrets, that is, the excellent craftsmanship inherited from generation to generation, advancing with the times, and the charm of blooming flowers.

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    Iwc’s 150th Anniversary Fine Watch Touring Tour Unveiled In Wuxi And Zhang Junning Decoding Legend Of Fine Watchmaking

    December 8, 2018, Wuxi-In 2018, the Swiss watchmaker Schaffhausen IWC celebrates its 150th anniversary, a brand new anniversary series and 29 special edition timepieces. A half-century journey of glory. Today, the 150th anniversary of IWC’s grand watchmaking tour grandly unveiled at the Hang Lung Plaza in Wuxi, reappearing the original era of the brand with a striking ‘Super Time Machine’, implying the brand’s innovation history from 1868. The famous actor Zhang Junning appeared in Wuxi and invited the watch enthusiasts to decode the legend of high-end watchmaking and taste the timeless charm of IWC.

    Zhang Junning wears the 36th ‘150th Anniversary’ Special Edition of the IWC Express Vinci Moon Phase Automatic Watch (Model: IW459309)

    Decoding the Beauty of Time with ‘Time Goddess’ Zhang Junning

        With both academic and beautiful faces, Zhang Junning’s calm elegance seems to be born with him. She is obsessed with the multi-faceted nature of the performing arts, and she is not afraid of the huge challenges brought by the comfort circle. Whether it is to switch between different characters, or in front of any challenge, Zhang Junning can show that unique charm. Hard and soft, she is the ‘Wanguo’ woman in the actor, carefully sculpting her strength with immortal time, and showing everyone the fearless beauty.

       Just like IWC’s century-long focus on high-end watchmaking craftsmanship, Zhang Junning has a dazzling aura, but looks at life with diligence. The precipitation of time makes her more eye-catching, just like the IWC IWC wearing on her wrist that day expresses Wenxiyue. The 36th ‘150th Anniversary’ special edition of the automatic watch, showing nobility and elegance between brilliance, showing the beauty of independence and self-confidence, attracting the majority of watch enthusiasts to pursue the exquisite craftsmanship of IWC and the eternity of the brand charm.

    IWC’s 150 Fine Watch Touring Tour unveiled at Wuxi Hang Lung Plaza

    Industrial aesthetics showroom reappears the brand’s 150-year glory journey

       In 1868, Mr. Florentine Ariosto Jones crossed the ocean from Boston in the United States to the Swiss town of Schaffhausen, combining the traditional Swiss craftsmanship with the advanced process system in the United States. The idea created IWC (International Watch Company).

       To commemorate this journey, the exhibition hall incorporates industrial metal elements into the design, with a strong industrial atmosphere and retro texture, as if pulling time back to the original era of the brand. The most remarkable is the ‘Super Time Machine’ displayed in the center of the exhibition hall, inspired by the legendary Pallweber pocket watch in the history of IWC. The digital display shows the word ‘1868’ to pay tribute to the brand’s founding year.

    IWC’s 150 Fine Watch Touring Tour unveiled at Wuxi Hang Lung Plaza

    150th anniversary special edition series pays tribute to legend

       The new IWC 150th Anniversary Special Edition series is reinterpreted with a unified aesthetic element, which is extraordinary. It covers the best collections of the Portuguese, Portofino, Pilot’s Watch and Da Vinci collections, as well as the new “Pallweber” special edition timepieces. The white or blue lacquered dial is a common feature of the entire series, inspired by the enamel dial of the historic Pallweber pocket watch. All models are engraved with the ‘150Years’ (150th anniversary) logo.

        Inscribe classics, pay tribute to legends. IWC’s 150th Anniversary Tour of Fine Watchmaking looks forward to your arrival!
    IWC 150th Anniversary Tour of Fine Watchmaking-Wuxi Station
    Time: December 6, 2018-December 16
    Venue: North Atrium, Level 1, Hang Lung Plaza, No. 139 Renmin Middle Road, Chong’an District, Wuxi City

    IWC expresses 36th ‘150th anniversary’ special edition
    Model: IW459309
    36 mm diameter, white dial, lacquered finish, blue hands, moon phase profit and loss display at ’12 o’clock’ The case and mobile lugs are completely set with 206 flawless diamonds, totaling 2.26 carats. Limited edition of 50 pieces.
    Price: 234,000 RMB

    IWC Special Edition 150th Anniversary “Pallweber”
    Model: IW505002
    45 mm diameter, 18K red gold case, blue seconds hand, black alligator leather strap by Santoni. The sophisticated white lacquered dial inherits classic elements and pays tribute to Mr. F.A. Jones, the founder of IWC. The digital display window is marked with ‘Hours’ and ‘Minutes’. IWC’s 94200 self-made calibre can provide a high power reserve of 60 hours. Limited to 250 pieces.
    Price: 277,000 RMB

    150th Anniversary Special Edition of IWC Portugal Series Constant Power Tourbillon Watch
    Model: IW590202
    Diameter 46 mm, platinum case, white dial, lacquered finish, blue hands. It is equipped with IWC-manufactured 94805 manual-winding movement with 96-hour power reserve. For the first time, it is equipped with a constant-power tourbillon and a single moon phase profit and loss display. It only needs to be corrected for one day after 577.5 years. Limited to 15 pieces.
    Price: 1,867,000 RMB

    150th Anniversary Special Edition of IWC Large Pilot Calendar
    Model: IW502708
    Diameter 46.2 mm, stainless steel case, blue dial, lacquered hands, rhodium-plated hands, IWC-manufactured 52850 movement with Pellaton winding system with zero-wear ceramic parts, and double barrel Achieved a power reserve function for 7 days. Through the sapphire glass case back, the exquisite structure of the movement is clearly visible. Limited to 100 pieces.
    Price: 149,000 RMB

    150th Anniversary Special Edition of IWC Portofino Manual Wind Moon Phase Watch
    Model: IW516407
    45 mm diameter, 18K red gold case, blue dial, lacquered finish. The hands and the moon and the moon show the stars and stars are also gold-plated. White embossed scales and numbers, transparent sapphire glass back. IWC-manufactured 59800 calibre with full chain can provide 8-day power reserve, the engraved 18K gold anniversary logo is engraved on the movement. Limited to 150 pieces.
    Price: 174,000 RMB

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    Tag Heuer Calella Tourbillon Chronograph: Tête De Vipère Certified

    TAGHeuerCarrera Tourbillon Chronograph is the first chronograph to receive the ‘TêtedeVipère’ emblem for excellence and uniqueness, specifically for the 55th anniversary of the TAGHeuerCarrera Designed for celebration, limited edition of 80 pieces.

     This TAGHeuerCarrera tourbillon chronograph has a contemporary design and is equipped with two of the most well-known complex devices in traditional watchmaking: a tourbillon that eliminates the effects of differences in rotational speed and is beautiful at first sight; A timing device developed and manufactured by the TAGHeuer watch factory.

     The watch has a dark blue ceramic case with a bezel and ceramic lugs. Through the sapphire crystal case back, the ‘Têtede Vipère’ emblem printed on the bridge is clearly visible.

     Since 1897, the French Besançon Observatory has been certifying the excellence of a watch with the Têtede Vipère emblem. In addition to being a mark of quality and precision, this certification also symbolizes the watch’s superb technical standards.