Plum, 100!

Tuhua Watch’s first self-developed and original factory-made automatic movement——T10 15 years, friends who have listened to the Kanglaoshi watch appreciation course (Kanglaoshi’s first lecture in life was in 2004 The ‘Chinese Association’ in Beijing in early summer) must have some impressions of the ‘good table principle’ I summarized. Because these principles can let the majority of watch lovers get rid of the brand’s suggestion, judge and identify the good watch through their own eyesight. In 1949, two of the most important in the Swiss plum watch factory: 1. Centennial famous factory. This means that if a watchmaking company hasn’t gone through a century of ups and downs, its brand spirit and craftsmanship will still be worse. I remember that in 2008, a Swiss R watch brand finally ushered in its centennial celebration, which is very commendable. No matter what other industries or industries of mankind, the watch industry attaches great importance to the ‘hundred years of inheritance’, which requires the perseverance of at least five or six generations, and the human history of one hundred years is magnificent. A small watch factory (relative to the automotive industry) can survive the storm and survive the century of adversity and adversity. This spirit is great enough! It is not uncommon for a century-old factory in the watch industry to even have an old factory with a history of nearly 300 years. This is the characteristics of the industry and one of the reasons I love watches. 2. Self-produced movement. It is undeniable that after the entire Swiss watchmaking industry experienced the ‘Quartz Revolution’ in the mid-1970s, the original production model fell apart, and the most intuitive change was that fewer watch factories insisted on making their own movements. The movement was completed by several general-purpose movement factories, and each brand focused more on product design and marketing. This helps control costs, but directly leads to a lack of personality of Swiss watch brands for a period of time. It is not that the performance of general-purpose movements is not good, but that ‘thousand watches and one core’ really makes watch lovers feel a little aesthetic fatigue. In the 1950s, the Swiss plum watch assembly workshop on May 9, 2019, the Swiss plum watch (Titoni) ushered in its 100th birthday. This Swiss watch brand, which has been well-received in the Chinese market, joined the ‘Hundred Years Club’, just like in 2008. Same as an R brand. At the same time, Mr. Daniel Schluep, the President of Swiss Plum Watch, officially announced: ‘Tropix Watch first introduced its own self-developed and original factory-made automatic movement-Model T10, and presented the new 1919 watch The entire line is configured in the series. ‘Mr. Slop said:’ This movement was created by the R & D team of the Torx headquarters for 6 years, overcoming numerous difficulties and condensing countless efforts. It is a pioneering work that pays tribute to the century-old history and represents It is an important step for plum watch to watchmaking! ‘A century-old famous factory produces its own movement. The two main principles are all in place. Swiss Télévision President Daniel Schluep has released the T10 movement. This new movement has a power reserve of about three days, and its battery life exceeds any previously used Télévision movement. The Meihua R & D team also simplified the mechanical structure of the T10 as much as possible, reducing the number of parts, using 32 gems, thereby reducing wear and letting the movement last longer. Mr. Daniel Shroppe delivered a speech at the centennial celebration. The diameter of the T10 movement is 29.3 mm and the thickness is 4.1 mm, which is thinner than the plum movement commonly used movements. At the same time, the calendar part is also increased by 10%, which makes the dial more Kind. When designing the movement, Torx specifically took into consideration the design that will be used in future watches (more forward-looking), so that everyone can appreciate the gold-plated automatic tourbillon engraved with the Torx logo and more A subtle structure runs smoothly. Blooming the beauty of Swiss craftsmanship. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary celebration of the Swiss Torx Watch, the power system of the Torx T10 movement full of seats was disassembled. It can be clearly seen that the calendar of the clockwork box and the row-wheel Torx T10 movement has a larger font. The standard photo of the plum-plated automatic Tortoise T10 movement with the plum blossom logo, covered with fine solar radiation pattern decoration. When launching his own movement, Mr. Slop also announced that the Swiss Plum Watch launched the new 1919 series equipped with the T10 movement. Watch. The name of 1919 comes from the year of the brand’s establishment. Available in stainless steel chain strap and leather strap in two styles: white, gray and blue. Also included is a special edition with a gray dial and rose gold scale of only 50 pieces worldwide. Swiss plum watch 1919 series stainless steel bracelet, price: 12900 yuan Swiss plum watch 1919 series stainless steel bracelet, with safety butterfly buckle Each plum watch 1919 series watch will be equipped with gorgeous exclusive brown wooden watch box , And officially launched in June 2019 in Swiss Plum Watch stores and online authorized stores. Swiss plum watch 1919 series leather strap model, price: 12800 yuan Swiss plum watch 1919 series leather strap model, with double insurance folding buckle 1919 series named after the establishment of the Swiss plum watch (Titoni), both logarithmic generation The tribute that people insist on ingenuity also represents the expectations and vision for the next century. As the plum blossom watch enters a new era, this series must be the topic of the future. The birth of the T10 movement is destined to bring greater autonomy to the performance and professionalism of the plum watch, marking the brand’s unlimited prospects as it enters a new era!