Swatch Group Acquires Harry Winston Jewellery And Watches Business Wholly

The Swatch Group spent a total of US $ 1 billion and 100% on wholly-owned acquisition of top jewelry brand Harry Winston Harry Winston (excluding the mining part of HW Diamond Company). The Big Watch Swatch Group has another high-end brand.
Harry Winston Opus 12 Watch
 Harry Winston has supported several talented independent watchmakers working together on wonderful timepieces from Opus1 to Opus12. Earlier reports said that Harry Winston (Harry Winston) decided to sell its jewelry and watch retail business, focusing on diamond mining. In the first half of this year, HW achieved sales of USD 370 million, of which mining accounted for 41% and retail accounted for 59%, but operating margin was 19% for mining and retail was only 7%-the current market value of HW brand jewelry and watch parts is about 7.7 100 million US dollars, but the buyer is expected to give a 50-60% premium. Its shares closed up 3.7% yesterday.
Harry Winston Premier Feather
The acquisition was finally settled today, and the Swatch Group invested 100% of the $ 1 billion acquisition.

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