Tag Heuer Pre-basel Carrera’s Retro Feelings

TAG Heuer TAGHeuer launched two new Carrera series watches, designed with retro charm, and embellished with the classic brand logo. The new watch reinterprets the classic tradition of the brand in a unique modern way, and uses a 39 mm case style, which is the perfect choice for men and women.
Jack. When TAG Heuer developed a new chronograph for drivers and racing enthusiasts in 1963, it became clear that the wearer’s needs, such as a large and clear dial, as well as shock and waterproof watches Shell to overcome various trials on the road. The watch designer who loves motorsports launched the Carrera mechanical chronograph with manual winding in the following year, named after the famous 1950s Carrera Pan American Road Race in Mexico. The race lasted five days and covered 3,300 kilometers (2,100 miles) across Mexico. It was the most prestigious and dangerous endurance race of the time. The word ‘Carrera’ was interpreted in Spanish as ‘most ‘Advanced competition’ represents dangerous excitement, adventure and heroism.
Swiss official observatory certifies Carrera 39mm Calibre 6 watch
This new silver and blue three-hand watch is marked with a red ’60’ mark on the edge of the dial, while the TAG Heuer logo and second hand are also embellished with red details, paying tribute to the 1963 Carrera watch design. The blue small stopwatch perfectly echoes the retro blue Tonghua leather strap. The brand logo on the buckle is exquisite and pleasing to the eye. The combination of silver, blue and red interweaves fashion and nostalgia. This three-hand watch is powered by the Calibre 6 movement, which has been certified by the Swiss Observatory. It has a 44-hour power reserve and the rotor is decorated with a magnificent ‘Geneva ripple’. This Carrera watch has a classic and extraordinary design, and collectors and tasters who love unique designs love it at first sight.

Swiss official observatory certified Carrera watch with Calibre 6 movement, Glassbox surface adds lightness and simplicity to retro design

Carrera 39mm Calibre 18 Automatic Chronograph
This new black and silver chronograph has a classic vintage look, also with Jack. TAG Heuer’s original Carrera Carrera watch was designed on the blueprint. With reference to the Carrera Carrera watch, which was well received by collectors in the 1960s, it has two black chronograph dials at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock. This watch is not an ordinary chronograph. The edge of the dial is a ranging scale. It is an ancient military tool for measuring the shooting distance according to the speed of sound. Equipped with this unique range-finding function, the new watch series allows the wearer to calculate the distance of lightning during a thunderstorm.

Carrera 39mm automatic chronograph, the retro brand logo on the dial is a unique mark of this watch, a perfect blend of classic and fashion

The watch’s black leather strap, button shape and small 39 mm dial all highlight the retro charm. The buckle is engraved with the TAG Heuer logo and the details are meticulous. The movement is placed under the Glassbox glass surface, which not only adds a nostalgic taste, but also makes the watch thinner. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can see the exquisite Calibre 18 movement, and the ‘Geneva ripple’ on the rotor is exquisitely decorated. The eye-catching and elegant watch design reflects the classic taste, allowing those who love retro design to match different shapes.