The New Season Watch With Time Flowing To Famous Brands

Exquisite sense, simple shape, clear large dial, appropriate decoration style, this is the popular keyword of this season’s watch. Although the watch is one of the most outdated accessories in the fashion industry, every year, major watches compete at the beginning of the Basel or Geneva watch fairs, and are then scattered around the world. Fashion editors open their magnifying glasses. Ordinary eyes dig out round and round of trends-exquisiteness, simple shapes, clear large dials, and appropriate decorative styles, which are the key words of this season’s watches.
The inner pursuit of precise mechanical watch movement, the appearance of the design to match their own temperament, fashion men and women demand the same for watches. However, there are so many watch brands, and savvy people must know how to catch each brand’s star-shaped watch series, combined with the popular points of the season, even if there is only a little bit of novelty, they will collide with classics. Birth of the most intriguing style on the wrist.
  Cartier: retro and elegant
The round dial is the most classic design in the beginning. It is low-key and calm in today’s dazzling personalised oval, square or irregular geometric models. Objectively speaking, the round dial can best highlight the atmosphere and clarity of the hands and chronograph figures, and it is easy to look slender and handsome on the wrist. In the history of the production of Catier in France for more than 100 years, the simple design of the round dial and the beautiful strap have raised the worship of the fashion industry several times. In 1922, Cartier’s ‘Cachet’ pendant watch came out. The gold case, enamel trim, coral top cover, and the bracelet set with 117 diamonds and a precious pearl set off the simple round dial. Noble and extraordinary; 1936 The ‘Ronde et carree’ is inlaid with a square bezel in a round dial, and the blue-steel apple-shaped hands and leather strap look elegant. The ‘Trompette’ produced in 1944, the ‘Montre Breacelet Dame’ in 1958, and the ‘V endome’ in 1978 are all representative of the elegance of round watches.
Recently, Cartier once again paid tribute to the classics. The newly launched RondeLouis round Cartier watch is neutral and restrained. It is always a black leather strap. There is no trace of noise, and all the details in the round dial are restored to classic and simple. Temperament, which is quite rare in Cartier’s many luxury watch designs. And this calm design just guides the key for business people to buy round watches, that is: the dial decoration is as simple as possible to give the clearest visual effects to the numbers and hands; the strap of the female watch can be transformed into various materials And styling, but all the carving ends in the center round dial.
Patek Philippe: classic and fashionable

趋势 The trend of watches under the control of the watch group is sometimes a little vulgar, and some classics of the most independent watchmakers have become more precious and proud. Patek Philippe is synonymous with the classics. It takes ‘you never really own a Patek Philippe, you just treasure it for future generations’ as an interpretation of its eternal value, suggesting that a watch can not only be used daily Wearing, can also be a heirloom. And even ancient watch brands with a sense of history and profound heritage, like heirloom, will also do some fashionable tricks under the influence of the new season trend. This season, Patek Philippe’s men’s and women’s watches have amazing decoration, especially a Gondolo Gemma women’s watch suitable for summer sun and a playful Golden Ellipse men’s watch.
OndoGondolo Gemma debuted at this year’s Basel Watch & Jewellery Show. The case design follows a style from Patek Philippe in the 1930s and is a very modern interpretation of the Art Deco style. The narrow barrel-shaped case with sapphire crystal, natural white mother-of-pearl dial, and the center of the dial is also decorated with a Newseau pattern, which is very elegant and elegant. Gemma watches are comfortable to wear, the surface width is greater than the length, and the time scale is clear at a glance, especially suitable for women who drive.
Golden Ellipse men’s watch is a bold, passionate watch with color. 18K yellow or white gold case, brown strap and blue gold dial contrast. Not only that, the scales and hands in the dial are also rich in color. The understanding Patek Philippe also specially designed a cufflink that matches the style of the watch, which combines the masculinity with the fashionable fancy.
Hamilton: Full of adventure

Surprised by the dignity and calmness of Swiss watches, the Hamilton watch is full of American adventure style. Hamilton’s two well-known product lines, ‘American Classics’ and ‘Khaki Sports’, are usually good for young, energetic men. Khaki ‘Khaki’ originates from the Indian word, meaning earth or dust, and has been used for military uniforms for a long time. Khaki watches have four types of watches: aviation, combat, field and nautical. Strong, known as ‘the must-have accessory for wild muscular men’.
Hamilton’s new Khaki AviationQNE watch is a classic flight watch, transforming the aviation theme into design aesthetics, and under the rugged case are heavy-duty high-tech functions, enough for men to explore it: pressure and height Gauges, etched complete Zylu flight alphabet, 100-meter water resistance and 42-hour power reserve with automatic movement. The watch is available with beige, black or silver dials, and brown or black leather straps also maintain the sense of stability that men’s watches should have.
Panerai: Best Water Sports

The ‘big and stupid’ Panerai watch is really respected because it contains too much content, just like a reliable and comprehensive man. It was born out of the need for war. At that time, the Royal Italian Navy needed a timer that could cope with the harsh environment of the deep sea and be absolutely accurate. Panerai has won the favor of the former with its excellent waterproof design, winding faucet lock device that greatly reduces the penetration of water vapor into the case, and the simple and easy-to-read dial design. Although the waterproof function is now a basic function of watch products, the origin of Panerai and deep water and water sports has always been in a leading position.
Every year, when the world’s most famous sailing boat gathers in the Mediterranean, the new “Luminor1950Flyback” regatta watch from Panerai will jump into the sight of men. The special edition of Luminor 1950Flyback is limited to 500 pieces. The dial is decorated with exquisite Clous de Paris pattern. The small dial is embossed. The chronograph dial is smooth and flat. To form a harmonious structure.
的 A major feature of this watch is the cursive font ‘Flyback’ on the dial. Flyback is a horological term that refers to a special timing function inside the Panerai calibre OP XIX automatic movement controlled by the column wheel system-the zero return function, which facilitates the timing operation during water sports.
Fame: the most accurate quaint remake

Baume & Mercier, famous for its quaint origins, originated from the Jurassic Mountains in Switzerland. When it was founded in 1830, it represented the partnership between founder William Baume and the Tsar aristocrat PaulMercier. Low-key royal temperament. Recently, in order to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the creation of Baume & Mercier watch, the designer launched the Classima Executives large-scale replica watch, adding new elements at the same time retro, is the most nostalgic men’s classic investment watch.
Classima Executives replica watches are a fusion of sophisticated craftsmanship and stylish appearance. The mechanical movement is equipped with a complex three-hand and one-line display function-this design that separates the hours, minutes and seconds hands first appeared in the seventeenth century and is regarded as the most accurate clock design. The oversized crown and the domed crystal are also popular in the 1950s. The outer edge of the creamy dial is polished with a bevel. All these details reveal a strong retro atmosphere.