The Third Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation Held In Saint-tropez And Raised Nearly $ 45 Million At The Auction

July 21, 2016 Saint Tropez, France, the third Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Leonardo DiCaprio The third Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation The event was held in Saint-Tropez and raised nearly $ 45 million in charity auctions at the auction. The Foundation (LDF) charity auction was grandly held, and nearly $ 45 million was raised. Proceeds from the auction will be used to fund the foundation’s environmental public welfare undertakings, designed to prevent climate change and avoid disasters caused by the environmental crisis caused by the planet and its inhabitants.

Julius Baer Group and Chopard

  Numerous donors and guests rushed to Saint Tropez, the host of the auction. On the night, Leonardo DiCaprio, the founder of the foundation, and Milutin Gai, the president of the global fundraising for LDF Together, Milutin Gatsby, LDF Chief Executive Officer Terry Tamminen, and LDF Chief Executive Officer Justin Winters. This auction was sponsored by Julius Baer and co-organized by jewelry brand Chopard.
 During the auction, first of all, I expressed my condolences to the victims who were killed in the recent terrorist attack in Nice, France. At the same time, LDF also donated part of the proceeds of this auction to the GiveforFrance.org website. The guests present generously unpacked.

  In the opening speech, Mr. DiCaprio called on the whole society to commit to solving the most urgent environmental challenges facing the future. ‘While for the first time our generation has the technology, scientific knowledge and determination to build a truly sustainable future economy, we are also the last generation of humans who have the opportunity to stop climate warming,’ he said.
  Mr. DiCaprio gave a detailed report on the latest progress in environmental protection since last year, including the COP21 Paris Climate Conference Agreement signed in April this year; at this COP21 conference, he also addressed the heads of State of the United Nations. In addition, Mr. DiCaprio also reviewed the projects co-sponsored by LDF and partners, detailing the results of the project, including the first increase in the number of local tigers in Indonesia in 100 years, and the completion of the first deferred debt repayment of a new palm oil plantation .
  Secondly, the foundation also presented Prince Albert II of Monaco with the foundation’s first ‘New World Leadership’ award, recognizing the prince for his achievements in environmental protection. His efforts will help the world to New sustainable ways to thrive.
  Simon de Pury hosted the live auction. In addition to personal items donated by Mr. DiCaprio, the auction items also include Jeff Koons, Pablo Picasso, Urs Fischer, Olafur · The art treasures of many world-renowned artists such as Olafur Eliasson and Adrian Villar Rojas. These precious collections contain the rich life experience of the creators and have a unique commemorative value. Grammy-winning singer The Weeknd, who has recorded countless platinum records, and famous singer Lana Del Rey, also performed special performances.
  At the auction, Switzerland’s CEO Boris FJ Collardi and many stars attended, Philippe Cousteau, Jonah Hill, Kate Hudson ), Tobey Maguire, Penelope Cruz, Robert De Niro, Scarlett Johansson, and Charlize Theron (CharlizeTheron) and others were invited to attend.
  The foundation also recently announced its largest ever donation to invest $ 156 million in wildlife and habitat conservation, marine protection, indigenous rights programs, and innovative programs to combat climate change. Since 1998, LDF has provided up to $ 59 million in environmental protection projects across five continents and four oceans.