Tianjin Seagull Watch Group ‘postdoctoral Research Station’ Unveiled

At 10 am on September 20, 2011, the unveiling ceremony of Tianjin Seagull Watch Group’s ‘Postdoctoral Research Station’ was held at the Airport Seagull Industrial Park, marking the official launch of the ‘Seagull Postdoctoral Workstation’. The unveiling ceremony.
    Seagull’s ‘Postdoctoral Research Station’ hires Professor Du Ruxu, a doctoral tutor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, as a postdoctoral research station tutor.
    The Seagull ‘Postdoctoral Research Station’ was approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security to build the station in November 2010, and was licensed on March 14 this year. It is the first post-doctoral scientific research station in the watch industry in China, and has been approved by the ‘National Office of Management of the Ministry of Management’ to independently recruit post-doctoral researchers. It is the first in Tianjin and the third post-doctoral station in China to be qualified to recruit post-doctoral researchers.
    The Seagull Group is the birthplace of China’s first mechanical watch, with 56 years of technology and cultural accumulation. Over the years, the Seagull Group has adhered to the development of science and technology and insisted on independent innovation and development. It has mastered the ‘three classic technologies of the world watch (Tourbillon watch, minute repeater watch, perpetual calendar watch), and the’ Seagull Watch ‘has become an independent core technology ‘No. 1 domestic’ watch brand. In 2009, Seagull Technology Center was identified as ‘National Enterprise Technology Center’. This year, Seagull was identified as the first ‘National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise’.
    The Seagull Group inspires the responsibility of developing the Chinese watch industry and establishes the goal of ‘aiming at the same level in Switzerland and marching towards a well-known international brand’. And he is well aware of the gap between himself and Switzerland and Germany, and is making unremitting efforts to use domestic and foreign resources to carry out cooperation between industry, university and research, and strive to solve the problems of technological development, process innovation, manufacturing level and brand development.
    The research topic of the Seagull postdoctoral workstation is: ‘Application and Industrialization of MEMS Technology in Mechanical Watches’, which is a breakthrough innovation in the design and manufacturing process of mechanical watches. The expected goal is to improve the accuracy level of the Seagull cardless coaxial tourbillon watch and realize the application of the silicon escapement speed regulation mechanism in the Seagull high-end watches. At present, the Swiss watch industry is still in its infancy in the microfabrication of silicon materials. Seagull has pioneered the country and synchronized with Switzerland.