Tuduo’s ‘little Daytona’

In recent years, Tudor has become more and more popular with the explosion of ‘Red Flower’, ‘Blue Flower’ and ‘Bronze Flower’. So I bought a Tudor ‘following the wind’ a while ago and felt the heat of the Tudor. This watch was given to me by a brother. A brother went to buy labor, and by the way also bought an Tudor (you know). I bought this watch from him, a Tudor Speed ​​Riding Chronograph. Steel case, green face, ceramic ring. He monetized his watch, and I bought it for two games.

Tudor Green Disk Speed ​​Riding Chronograph
Although Tudor is very hot these days, this Xunqi chronograph is the niche watch in Tudor.

   In the past two years, Tudor’s diving watch has exploded. The ‘red flower’, ‘blue flower’, and ‘bronze flower’ have super high values, and the color bezel plus the axe needle has a high degree of recognition. At present, Tudor has used the new self-produced MT56XX series movement on the ‘Little Flower’, which has greatly improved its power (70 hours). At the same time, it uses an antimagnetic silicon hairspring and has an observatory certification, which further strengthens the ‘Little Flower’. The high value and high configuration of the Tudor ‘Little Flower’ can almost ‘seckill’ other luxury watches of the same level or even higher levels. It has a good reputation among players and many people buy it. This year, Tudor’s new red and blue circle GMT and limited green circle ‘small flowers’ have a small amount of watches.

Tudor red and blue circle GMT is a watch that Tudor has been very hot recently.
So, I’m going the other way this time, showing you a small watch of Tudor, Tudor’s ‘Ditona’, and a fast riding chronograph.

   Rolex only has a Daytona chronograph, Tudor’s more chronographs, such as cat face, new axe hand timing using Breitling chronograph movement. Tudor Xunqi chronograph is a chronograph cooperated by Tudor and Ducati. A major feature is that many Ducati motorcycle elements are added to the watch.

Tudor Xunqi chronograph is a chronograph cooperation between Tudor and Ducati.
   Tudor’s new fast riding chronographs are all color plates, red, yellow, green, three kinds of surface. The three colors are the same as those of the Ducati Scrambler. My current Tudor Xunqi is a green disk. Brothers who are familiar with Rolex can see that the color of the green disk of this watch is different from that of Rolex, because Tudor uses the green on the Scrambler motorcycle, not the green of Rolex. Tudor Xunqi’s green is darker. The small hands on the 3-eye chronograph of Tudor Speed ​​Riding Chronograph are also colored hands. The color of the small pointer is the same as the color of the disk. The green disk with green needles is very fashionable. Although Tudor and Rolex belong to the same family, it is clear that Tudor is more aggressive and Rolex is more conservative. Rolex Daytona doesn’t have a calendar. Tudor Xunqi’s calendar is between 4 and 5 o’clock. I also saw someone suggesting that the calendar be cancelled.

Tudor Xunqi chronographs are the same color as Ducati.
   Another detail of the Tudor Speed ​​Riding Chronograph dial is also on the small hands. We can see that the small chronograph hands of Tudor Xunqi are square heads. Let’s recall that Rolex Dayton also used Paul Newman’s chronograph dial with small squares. Tudor Xunqi chronograph, using this design (square head small hands), is to give Xunqi chronograph a retro feel of the 1970s. Tudor has gradually departed from the Rolex style in recent years, but in details, Tudor and Rolex are ‘breaking the bones and tendons’. After all, for a long time in history, the main difference between Rolex and Tudor is only in the movement, other Case, appearance, Tudor and Rolex are mostly the same.

Tudor Xunqi chronograph, there are some 70s retro design on the dial.
   Tudor Xunqi chronographs are available in ceramic and steel cases. The color plate is a steel case version with a case size of 42 mm, which is larger than Daytona. Case polishing is a standard sports watch processing method, with large area drawing. Tudor Xun rides also with ceramic rings. Some people will ask how this Tudor ceramic ring looks different from the water ghost, hippocampus, and 50 噚 ceramic ring. Because the ceramic ring of Tudor Xunqi is matte, the scale numbers on the ceramic ring are engraved. Not as bright as Rolex platinum scales, Omega liquid metal scales. Of course, let’s look at it the other way. In the chronograph with the same price as Tudor, Xunqi has a ceramic ring and its configuration is still very high. We noticed that the timing buttons and crown of Tudor Xunqi are also black, PVD black and steel. Finally, at the 9 o’clock position on the side of the case, there is a small triangle similar to the Ducati logo. This is the calendar quick-adjust button, and the position is exactly symmetrical with the crown.

The ‘small triangle’ on the side of Tudor Xunqi chronograph case is a button for quick calendar adjustment.
   Tudor Xunqi chronograph uses ETA7753 chronograph movement. Tudor has gradually used the self-produced MT56XX series movements in recent years, while using the Breitling B01 chronograph movement on the new axe chronograph. Tudor has always used outsourced movements in history, forming a difference from Rolex. Therefore, it is normal for Tudor to use the ETA7753 movement, which is in line with Tudor’s positioning. The benefits of 7753 are time-tested, durable and easy to maintain. The feel of the timing button of the Tudor Speed ​​Riding Chronograph is the same as that of other ETA7750 series chronographs. It is relatively hard to reset to zero. This is also the characteristic of the clutch and cam gear of the ETA7750 series chronograph movement. In addition to that, as mentioned earlier, the 7753 calendar is quickly adjusted on the case.

The bezel of the Tudor Speed ​​Riding Chronograph is a ceramic ring, and the buttons and crown are PVD-plated steel.
   This Tudor Xunqi chronograph is not bad, the color plate is very beautiful, if it is yellow, it will be more conspicuous. The black three-dimensional time scale on the disk flashes in the light. This watch can be equipped with a belt and tape. Now this is just tape. It is not afraid of water and sweat, and is very durable.

Tudor Speed ​​Riding Chronograph

Tudor, like Rolex, is also a special brand.

   We all know that Rolex is a very special brand. Although Rolex’s positioning is not the top, in theory, it is a luxury watch in the middle position, but in fact, some of Rolex’s popular watches, antique watches, the actual value, often the highest in the bezel, spike many top brands. Many of Tudor’s current policies and strategies are the same as those of Rolex. Under the pull of popular and rare models, Tudor’s position is gradually rising. The actual value of models such as the red and blue circle GMT and the green circle axe needle has exceeded the watches of the same level. My wife asked me a few days ago and said why do you want the Tudor watch, I said I have never played it. It is a metaphor to say that Tudor Xunqi is ‘Little Ditona’, but according to the current momentum and operation of Tudor, some tables will not be allowed, and the market is really in line with Rolex’s increase.