U-boat Launches Two New Bronze Watches-newsuboat

U-Boat, a new Italian brand, has released two new watches. The case is made of unusual bronze, and the unique oversized crown and buttons on the impressive 46 mm round case are located on On the left-hand side, the materials of the two watches are slightly different.

U-Boat U-51 Chimera bronze watch (left), and U-51 Chimera B and B watch

The U-51 Chimera Bronze has a natural bronze rust-colored case and bezel, while the U-51 Chimera B and B’s bezel and pushers combine copper with black PVD-coated stainless steel.
Both watches feature a custom-made, self-winding mechanical chronograph movement to meet the requirements of the crown and buttons on the left-hand side, as well as U-Boat’s personalized black screws and special silver balance wheel.
These 180-gram watches also have unusual bronze sapphire crystals, and the two-tier dial is also bronze glass. The hand-made and hand-finished calfskin strap is simple and natural, making the watch more rigid and sturdy.