Wanguo Celebrates The Launch Of The 2014 New Marine Diving Watch In Southeast Asia

It is understood that on March 20, 2014 Singapore time, the famous watch brand IWC from Switzerland hosted a grand Inside the Wave celebration dinner. This time, more than 150 guests were invited to attend. The venue design of this dinner has a very artistic atmosphere. Because it is compatible with the launch of the 2014 new marine diving watch, the background of the event venue also uses the feeling of ocean. In addition to fine and gourmet and new watches that night, the brand has not provided a special performance link.

   IWC’s prestigious Inside the Wave celebration dinner has been held for many years, and it is committed to inheriting the brand’s pursuit of excellence in timepiece production. When the guests came to Sudan Road 72:13, the feeling of the whole venue would make all visitors feel like being in the ocean.

 The soft blue light hits the background board and presents a realistic ocean feel. In addition, in order to increase the realistic visual experience, sharks and Mizuki are added to the background wall. This highly realistic design is almost Yu Zhen moved Inside the Wave to the bottom of the sea.

 As we all know, IWC recently launched the new 2014 Aquatimer diving watch, which includes three limited editions of Charles Darwin, Galapagos Islands and Bronze Aquatimer. Unlike the basic Chronograph, these three watches are equipped with special material dial The diving bezel has also been strengthened.

 After the wonderful opening speech by host Jimmy Taenaka that evening, Mr. Edouard d’ Arbaumont (Head of IWC Southeast Asia) brought everyone the latest marine series diving watch 2014. Along with the guests’ praise and sigh for the new product, Ms. Stacey Lee, a well-known local sand painting artist, brought you a wonderful performance. Along with her flowing sand, she presented a realistic underwater world to everyone in the world of light and shadow. At the same time, she also incorporated the new watch of IWC into her performance.

 After the performance, the guests who came to the venue lamented the uniqueness of this year’s new products. For the first time, the IWC Divers series introduces a horological complex: the perpetual calendar. The marine timepiece perpetual calendar digital date and month watch (model IW379401) shows its true nature from two aspects.