Watch Expert Giovanni Varesi Joins Antiquorum Milan Office

Antiquorum is proud to announce that Giovanni Varesi has joined the company as a watch specialist and manager in the company’s Milan office.

New watch specialist at Antiquorum Milan office: Giovanni Varesi

Giovanni has been collecting Rolex timepieces since 1990. He is very friendly and possesses the expertise of Rolex and Patek Philippe. He has a bachelor’s degree in engineering and worked as an electronics and mechanical project manager before starting his watch career in 2007 in an antique watch shop where he looked for watches for Italian distributors and private clients around the world and accessories. He also worked on high-end watches for Precious Time, a fund that invests in collectible watches.
Giovanni has extensive relationships with dealers, customers and the media, and is popular and respected in the Italian watch market. He has extended his love of watches to creative pursuits and has become a recognized watch photographer for dealers, collectors and the media.
‘We are delighted that Giovanni has joined our team of renowned watch experts,’ said Evan Zimmermann, President and CEO of Antiquorum Auction Company. ‘Giovanni’s expertise, passion and ability to develop customer relationships will strengthen us here An important market position allows us to provide our customers with a higher level of service. ‘
Giovanni began to develop a strong interest in auctions and collectibles when he was young, and has participated in several collectible auctions in Italy. He loves rare and unexpected treasures and is constantly on the lookout for ‘unseen’ masterpieces.
Source: Antiquorum