Wen Taiyi Zhang Xiaolong Appeared In Basel, Switzerland At First Sight Tissot Solar Touch Watch

Basel World, the annual event in the global watch industry, officially opened on 3/19 Taipei time. Well-known watch brands from all over the world brought 2015 watch fans to the world. The brand-new watch, star-studded in the venue, Tissot specially invited Wen Taiyi Zhang Xiaolong to Switzerland to participate in this annual event known as the Oscars in the watch industry. The affectionate and warm image of Zhang Xiaolong loved the Tissot watch for ten minutes. The brand’s black-and-white spirit color matching handsome appeared, interpreting TISSOT T-Touch Expert Solar solar touch watch.
Zhang Xiaolong arrived in Switzerland handsomely, ready to participate in the watch industry event-Basel Watch Fair
Zhang Xiaolong took a group photo with Taiwan Vice President Li Qian
T-Touch Expert Solar
Xiaolong Zhang loves TISSOT T-Touch Expert Solar at first sight

   Zhang Xiaolong, who always feels traditional but stylish, is in line with Tissot’s concept of innovation and tradition in watchmaking technology. Adhering to the brand spirit of ‘extraordinary creativity, derived from tradition’, Tissot launched the world’s first touch in 1999. After controlling the TISSOT T-Touch series of watches, he continued to seek breakthroughs in watchmaking technology. The futuristic TISSOT T-Touch Expert Solar perfectly combines touch technology with solar energy. Favored by fans, Zhang Xiaolong, with a unique vision, saw this TISSOT T-Touch Expert Solar watch series at a glance in the world of Basel.