Yu Wenle, Please Don’t Bring Any More Goods!

I don’t know how much people are paying attention to sneakers. In the shoe ring, there is a sentence ‘Yu Wenle and Edison Chen pass through, that’s too confusing’. The ‘paste’ here does not mean that the dishes are mashed, but that they will be ‘fried’ at high prices, and most of the shoes they wear will (definitely) rise in price. Among them, ‘Uncle Watch’ Yu Wenle’s ability to take goods can not be ignored. Watches, sneakers and laces are already common. Milk tea, afternoon tea, sandwiches, ice cream … Even the tea restaurants and tea shops he eats often will be taken. fiery. Yu Wenle, please don’t bring any more goods! Leave some ‘living paths’ to us ordinary people!

Yu Wenle ins sharing private photos

 Yu Wenle likes antique labor, which is an open secret. In the picture above, Yu Wenle on vacation wore a Rolex antique submarine series watch. Yu Wenle replaced the strap with a NATO strap more suitable for summer wear, wearing a pair of sunglasses and sitting next to a coffee shop by the road Smiling at the camera.

Yu Wenle ins sharing private photos

 After forming a family, Yu Wenle often traveled between Taiwan and Hong Kong because of his wife’s relationship. Yu Wenle has many friends. In the picture above, Yu Wenle’s friend’s tea shop in Taiwan.

 Do n’t forget to expose the strap while you are drinking tea. Guess which Rolex is this?

Yu Wenle ins tanned antique Rolex 5513

 The Rolex Submariner 5513 watch, because of the Rolex’s iconic water ghost dial design, making time easier to identify
. Earlier models have a nocturnal luminous dot mark without a platinum outer ring, so people also call it plaster face
. The Oyster waterproof case is 40mm in diameter and features a bi-directional rotating black aluminum bezel. The Arabic numerals on the bezel are also relatively thick. The strong antique water ghost smell on this watch is probably one of the great reasons to attract Yu Wenle.

Yu Wenle ins antique Rolex Submariner watch

 Obviously, each Rolex is Yu Wenle’s heart, he loves Rolex culture, and has a nearly obsessive like the design and craftsmanship of Rolex submariner watches. On social networking sites, Yu Wenle also shared the story of the famous ‘Paul Newman’.

Shawn Yue wears antique Rolex Paul Newman Daytona
 As can be seen from the picture, this is an antique Rolex Daytona made of a gold case and bracelet. The design of the dial in the dial is reminiscent of ‘Paul Newman’, the iconic block timescale. The condition is so excellent, which shows that Yu Wenle is very precious to this watch. So he said ‘one of my favorite’-the one I like the most.

Yu Wenle ins private photos

 This antique Rolex Submariner series is also one that Yu Wenle often tans. The red double-knife logo on the dial is the national emblem on the flag of the Sultanate of Oman. This watch was specially presented to the SAS army by King Sultan Qaboos at that time in recognition of the British Military SAS stationed in the Dhofar campaign. No wonder Yu Wenle expressed his love for Ins more than once. But I’m afraid that Yu Wenle’s favorite is not an antique Rolex, but a seemingly ‘ordinary’ Casio G-shock series small black watch.

Yu Wenle ins blueprint

Yu Wenle ins blueprint

 This Casio not only exposed on the ins is actually a joint model of the cooperation between Yu Wenle Chao Chao brand madness and Casio. In early June, Yu Wenle exposed this watch on social networking sites, which attracted a lot of attention. On June 25, the official officially sold the lot to the public by phone, and the price was of course not informed until the lottery was won. However, this watch has begun to frantic in the market. On a certain treasure, we see a lot of high-priced collection information.

Bao searched for this co-branded model, and a page with a high price appeared

Yu Wenle wears MADNESS and CASIO watches

MADNESS and CASIO jointly G-shock watch

The color is low-key and versatile, the tough guy feels full, and the back is engraved with ‘MADNESS’

The watch case of the joint model is also full of personality, and the design of the ammunition box is also one of the reasons that attracts many people

 The brand names of MADNESS and CASIO can be seen on the surface to indicate the joint identity, and MADNESS mesh diamonds are used for design. The ordinary G-shock series can be started for only about one thousand yuan. I don’t know how high the price of this watch will eventually be in the market. The ability to bring goods is not only that. In addition to this watch, Yu Wenle recently drank yezzy500 on ins, and the price also broke the 3,000 yuan mark from around 2,000 yuan.

Yu Wenle sun yezzy500

 When the Yezzy500 was first listed, the offer price was less than 2,000 yuan. The speculation price of a certain treasure is only around 2500, but after Yu Wenle tanned a pair of shoes, these shoes in my shopping cart went up by a thousand yuan. So buying shoes and watches are the same, start before you get fired, or you have to ‘remorse for life.’

Yu Wenle wears yezzy700
 Yeezy 700 has also become a shoe that Yu Wenle will really wear when traveling to Italy. The market price of this pair of women’s models is 37.5 yards (key points, does anyone buy it for me) around RMB3500.

 Off-White x RIMOWA transparent travel case is also the latest equipment for Yu Wenle’s recent travels. Under the transparent shell, various madness items are neatly stacked, simple and neat, and the market price has already exceeded 20,000. Real King of Goods, Yu Wenle. If you say the above, you can buy it if you have the money. It is also difficult for you to imitate the money that Yu Wenle has exposed.

 After marriage, Yu Wenle, in addition to drying his watch and shoes, drank the most of his wife and children. The Chinese name of the child is ‘Yu Chujian’ and the English name is Cody. Little Cody is still young, but has made multiple exits on Dad’s ins. In the picture above, Yu Wenle took Cody out for a walk and chose “NB” for 990 shoes. Cody’s stroller also caught my attention. It turned out to be AstonMartin, a luxury convertible baby stroller with a limit of 800 cars worldwide, priced at nearly 20,000 yuan.

Yu Wenle drying Cody’s little hands on ins
 Cody’s little hands and feet should not be too cute, okay! Yu Wenle, the first father, enjoyed his father’s role and carefully recorded the growth of this Cody.

Yu Wenle and Cody

 I think many people see this, and they have to say that Yu Wenle is not ‘goods’, but his attitude towards life. Be content, pursue what you like, and keep a passion for life. In such a life, I have to say, ‘I admit that I am jealous’!