Zun Huang Classic Hollow Watch

Classic Hollow Watch (97SK.6.194.21 / 97SK.6.394.21)
    The 41mm diameter Hollow classic hollow watch has a 36mm diameter movement space, which can fully present the complex operation of the hands in the watch. The vibration frequency is 18,000 swings per hour, which guarantees the accuracy of the watch and has a power reserve of 46 hours. This watch is available in 18K gold and rose gold 18K gold. The sapphire mirror surface not only presents the motion most clearly, but also is shockproof and wear-resistant. The pointer shape and sound of movement emulate an early emperor’s pocket watch at the Emperor’s Museum. This pocket watch of the 1920s, as a representative of a few minimalist hollow-out watches at that time, showed its unique imperial power.